a colorful life list: meet more bloggers!

Happy happy Friday! I thought today I’d share the first official update on the colorful life list I implemented last month. Plus, I feel like Fridays are the perfect day of the week to share something fun!

Since, I’ve been getting really into blogging lately (because I’ve actually admitted to myself that it’s my dream and why the hell shouldn’t it be?), one of the things I was most excited about on my list was meeting more bloggers in person. This is way harder than it  sounds, but I just knew that there have to be more awesome DIY/home bloggers in the Dallas area than just me.

So, last Saturday was my first blogger date with Savannah of Savannah Smiled.


In a sort of weirdo twist of fate, we actually kind of knew each other already. Not only did we both attend the same college at the same time, but our husband’s are in the same teaching program (and both math teachers!). While, Montell (her man) was over at our apartment working on a project with Josh, I recognized him from her blog and put the pieces together. I probably also really freaked him out when I barged into our office and said “YOUR FIANCE IS SAVANNAH”.

So, we met for coffee. Amazing, delicious coffee at Cafe Brazil. I had a raspberry latte and she ordered the rocky road latte.

Seriously people, we talked for four hours without so much as an awkward pause. We chatted up blogs, diy projects, husbands, teaching, and even IKEA. She is the sweetest and I’m pretty sure there will be more coffee dates in our future!

Have you ever met any fellow bloggers in real life? Are you a Dallas blogger too? I’d love to meet more kindred spirits!!


a colorful life list – 2013 ed.

It’s 2013!! It’s crazy to think we’re starting a whole new year! But we are, and I thought today would be the perfect time to share my goals for 2013. These are actually a part of my new “Colorful Life List” which I’ll be working on for a while!. Now, I’m not one to really climb a mountain or go bungee jumping but I wanted to put together a list as a reminder of all the skills and experiences I should be seeking out. After all, this is Two Live Colorfully, not Two Sit on the Couch Watching The Office (even though that is exactly how we spent our New Year’s Eve! What can I say? We’re total homebodies!).

But now, I’m putting it out there! Here’s what I’m doing this year! (And here’s where you can check out the rest of our colorful life list!)

2013 Goals copy

So, I think I’ve got an interesting mix here. And I’m happy to say that already, two of these are in the works! I have signed up for the Color Run 5K here in Dallas on April 6th. And, just today, I bought my ticket for the Haven Conference (which I am unbelievable stoked for)!

What’s are your goals for the year? And do you have a life/bucket list! What’s the craziest thing on it??

farewell, scribble

Today, we’re taking a break from Christmas stuff to share a personal post. About two weeks ago we lost our pet rat, Scribble. For a while, I hesitated to even write this post because I feel like pet rats have a weird/icky stigma but, in all honesty, if you have a pet that you dearly love, the loss is painful, no matter what type of animal they were. In more ways than one, Scribble was like our first child. We loved this rat and we’re happy to have had him as a part of our lives.
Scribble (1)

We got Scribble in March 2011 as a belated birthday gift for Josh. He crawled right up to the window at the pet store and we knew that he was coming home with us.Scribble (2)

Most days you could find him lounging on the couch, under blankets, with just a nose indicating his location.Scribble (3)But he also liked to romp around and find new hiding spots like our pantry or, during the holidays, under the Christmas tree skirt.  And even though a lot of people don’t believe it, he knew his name and that we were his parents and he trusted us to take care of him.Scribble (4)

Towards the end of November, he had trouble breathing and would hardly move around. In the hopes that it was just a temporary illness, we took him to a veterinarian who said that because he was an older rat, the chances of recovery were slim to none and he would continue to get worse. We decided to give him peace and let him go. He was a wonderful pet and we miss him but we’re just glad to have had the time we had with Scribble as our adorable and loving pet.