that’s a wrap: office reveal

So, the office is done. Well, mostly done. There are still a few finishing touches I have planned, but for the most part this room is finished. You might remember what it looked like just a few weeks ago but now, it’s clean, it’s organized, you can actually walk through it without fearing for your life. Overall all, I’d call that a success.

Now, let’s take the tour!

The most obvious change is the fact that you can actually see the floors! (Carpet! Who knew?)


I finally hung up all of the art and frames that we own. There’s still quick a bit of empty space (and yes, that one frame still has the advertisement photo in it), so we’ve got room to grow, but stuff is on the walls which is the main focus! When Josh and I graduated from college, his dad got us a double frame which now houses both of our diplomas which is pretty cool.

ffinished-office-makeover-4By the window is Josh’s workspace. Being a first year teacher, he is in here a lot, so it doesn’t stay neat for long, but he did put in some creative storage solutions like the hanging file folders and wire shelving next to his desk.finished-office-makeover-5

Here, you can see the curtains I designed with bleach pens and also one of the Christmas presents I got for Josh, a signed Source Fed poster (which is a news program we watch on YouTube that is hilarious, but still super informative!!)


On the opposite wall is our family calendar (which we snagged on etsy) and more art.finished-office-makeover-1

This small bookcase serves as storage for binders and all office supplies.finished-office-makeover-7And, in the last turn, we’ve got the door and Josh’s keyboard. You can also see that we hung the curtains super high which makes the ceilings look taller and also takes up that empty visual space about the window and doors.finished-office-makeover-2I do want to add something in that space around the rest of the room, but I’m just not sure what yet. Maybe giant confetti shapes or something fun like that!

And that’s our office! Finally functional and a little bit stylish. Like I mentioned, there is room to improve and add over the duration of our time in 816, but just the progress we’ve made is so worth sharing!

Have you overhauled any rooms lately? Discovered any floors you didn’t know existed?


so what makes an office awesome?

I figured that the before shots of the office we’re working with don’t really give a good idea of the aesthetic we’re going for.  Sometimes it’s hard to look past the disaster and see the end goal. So, I thought it would be fun to share a little glimpse into what we’re hoping will be the end result.

Office Inspiration copypainted bulletin circles/washi tape frames/confetti wall/stormwalking print

1. Painted bulletin circles – Perfect for organizing pending tasks or doing some real life ‘pinning’. I love them grouped together, but I also think it would be really cool to have a few spread throughout the room on different walls.

2. Washi tape frames – This is such a fantastic idea. Because, if you’ve ever put together a gallery wall of frames, you know that it can get a bit pricey if you’re buying new ones. And since I’m picturing the office walls full of fun art and posters, this is a cost effective way to make that happen! Not to mention, it spares the walls, it’s easy to remove, and there are so many cute options.

3. Giant confetti – Simple, basically free, super festive. That’s explanation enough right?

4. Quirky art – I already shared our nerd-tastic Lego Darth Vadar print on Monday but I think we need more awesomeness. This “Stormwalking” print just cracks me up and it would certainly brighten my day to walk into the office and see it. (Now I’m imaging what a Michael Jackson storm trooper would sound like on those high notes!! It’s a real shame that you can’t hear me trying to vocalize that right now!)

And that’s it. We’re not looking to add any new-fangled fancy organizational system or anything because we don’t plan on being in this apartment for more than another year or two. So, the goal is to make the space livable and enjoyable without adding a lot of stuff or spending a lot of money. I know you guys feel me on that!

Stay tuned next week to so some fun progress from the office and by the end of the month, we should wrap this thang up! (Yes, I did just use ‘thang’. I’m hip dammit!)

What makes your office/workspace awesome??

our home: a cute and casual outdoor patio

Though most might assume that summer is the appropriate season to write about patio makeovers, Texans have a different story. We’re two days into November and it’s still pretty warm, but the temperature is slooooooowllllly dropping and this means we can actually stand spending more time outside. So, today, I thought I’d share our cute and casual patio.

In our previous apartment, we had a small patio but didn’t really do anything to make it a nice place to eat dinner or sit and enjoy the breeze. It faced a brick wall and frequently used sidewalk, so it wasn’t exactly ideal. But when we moved to 816, we hit the patio jackpot. First of all, we’re on the first floor, which means we’re level with a few cute trees and the grass. And second, we face a completely building free area. It’s actually a “free growth area” separated by an elevated brick wall which is perfect. (Shame on me for not turning around to take a picture of our view when I took these!)

Anyway, it’s a really great spot to sit and relax. I picked up these bright blue chairs from World Market for half off! Originally $80.00 each, I scooped them up for a svelte $35.00 a pop. I love the color and they are pretty darn comfortable. Plus, they have arm rests! That alone is something worth cheering for! Every other armed outdoor chair I could find was crazy expensive and not a lot of cute, so these were definitely a score.

To give us a little perch for drinks and snacks, I picked up this redwood planter from Home Depot, flipped it upside down, and painted the borders with some left over navy paint. The planter cost $20.00, but we used a gift card from Josh’s sister Jennifer. It was a quick project that made a fantastic addition to this little area.

A pitcher of tea and a little snack and we are set for a chill evening at home. Another “room” crossed of the list!

For the other apartment dwellers out there; how do you utilize your patio? And for everyone, what is your favorite season? Without a doubt, mine is fall. The cooler the temps, the more opportunities there are to snuggle, and I likes to snuggle!

our bold, striped living room curtains (made from bedsheets!)

Well it’s more like one curtain.

And it’s not because the other curtain is on tour or in rehab (again). It’s because our new apartment has a really odd spacing between the window and the patio door. See:

With that really skinny area to the right of the window, it would be hard to finagle two full curtain panels without blocking the patio door and/or crowding the window. So we went with one large, bold panel to the left. It takes away the empty space of that corner and adds a really graphic punch to the living room.

The search for fabric was quite extensive. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and I wanted to have a big pattern. So after coming up empty handed I decided to DIY my own pattern and make these big, horizontal stripes and believe it or not these are made from bed sheets!

I picked up two twin sheets from Wal-Mart (about $4.50 each), measured and cut the stripes, then put them back together with the no-sew bonding tape! Just call me Dr. Frankenstein!

I really like how it turned out and I love how the living room is pulling together. In fact, we might declare this room ‘done’ pretty darn soon.

Have you done any fabric projects lately? What are your resources to find the perfect one? Share below!

a preliminary list of projects for our new home

I’m a planner. There’s no denying that. So, even though we aren’t living in our new apartment full time (hopefully before the middle of June it’ll be official!), I’ve been making lots of plans for our new digs.

Today, I thought I’d share the list of future projects for our new apartment broken down by room. Some of the tasks have inspiration links attached. I’ve been getting a lot of ideas from Pinterest and other awesome blogs and I cannot wait to get to the action!

Here’s what’s on the docket:

Living Room:

  • Accent wall behind couch. Maybe fabric wallpaper?
  • Living room gallery wall. (I love the layout of this one!)
  • Buy large shelving unit for books/display/board games/etc
  • Curtains + new curtain rod for window
  • Buy lighting and side table for couch


  • Create an al fresco dining area
  • Plant something (and keep it alive!)
  • Hang festival lights

Dining Room:

  • Floating shelves with hanging wine glasses
  • Buy new dining table and chairs
  • Rug for under table?
  • Create chandelier from CB2 Whirly Candleholders



  • Buy new bed and dresser (possibly second hand and refinish?)
  • New night tables?
  • Art/mirror/etc. for above bed

 Master Closet:

  • Necklace frame display (like this one!)
  • “Inserts” for shoe shelves (to keep my heels from falling through)


  • Hang up lots of art.
  • Closet work station for Megan (like this or this?)
  • Paint desk (Maybe blue?)
  • Create a gift wrapping station
  • Organize all craft/hobby supplies (finally!)

There are some purchases on the list but also a lot of DIY. I’m hoping to get organized right from the beginning and find a home for everything but also make it beautiful. Why shouldn’t your living space be awesome, right? So, stay tuned to watch these projects unfold!

our new digs (our delux apartment on the hill)

Yesterday, we signed for our new apartment in Dallas! Like I mentioned in this recent post, we kind of found it by accident and fell in love.

As for how it compares to our current apartment, we’re gaining about 160 extra square feet (for a grand total of 995). We’re staying with two bedrooms and two bathrooms but we’re gaining an actual dining space, much more closet space, and a way better view from our patio. Take a peek at our new digs!

Our living room and the door to our patio. Without the fireplace we have now, we’re actually gaining a lot more space for this room. We’ve already got some plans for the layout and some sort of library.

Our dining space and bar area. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have an actual dining space. Our dining table has been in the middle of our living room for the past two apartments/three years. This apartment has track lighting installed in both the kitchen and dining areas which is much less harsh than the fluorescent lights in our current kitchen.

In our kitchen, we’re getting more counter space, more cabinet storage, and new appliances. We’ll be getting rid of our nowhere-near-the-kitchen microwave set up, in favor of our new over-the-stove microwave. I cannot wait to get this space set up and break it in.

We have a long hallway that leads to both bedrooms. The room straight ahead will become our office and the room on the left will become our master bedroom. It’s also worth mentioning that we had brand new carpet installed before getting the keys. It’s soft and amazing, plus there’s something about knowing that we’re the only people who have walked barefoot on this floor.

Our master bedroom. In terms of square feet, this room is actually larger than our current one but we’re having trouble figuring out how to fit our huge bedroom set in here. Most likely, we’ll be selling our furniture and purchasing a new bed and smaller dresser. With a few smaller pieces, I think the bedroom will keep the open feeling we love.

Our master bathroom also has some vast improvements compared to our current apartment. More counter space, built in storage, and a much larger tub, just to name a few. Also, to the right of this photograph’s boundaries is a huge walk-in closet!

So, there you have it: the super-before photos of our new apartment. We’ve already got so many ideas about fun things to do and how we’ll be making this apartment awesome and we can’t wait to share it with you!