that’s a wrap: office reveal

So, the office is done. Well, mostly done. There are still a few finishing touches I have planned, but for the most part this room is finished. You might remember what it looked like just a few weeks ago but now, it’s clean, it’s organized, you can actually walk through it without fearing for your life. Overall all, I’d call that a success.

Now, let’s take the tour!

The most obvious change is the fact that you can actually see the floors! (Carpet! Who knew?)


I finally hung up all of the art and frames that we own. There’s still quick a bit of empty space (and yes, that one frame still has the advertisement photo in it), so we’ve got room to grow, but stuff is on the walls which is the main focus! When Josh and I graduated from college, his dad got us a double frame which now houses both of our diplomas which is pretty cool.

ffinished-office-makeover-4By the window is Josh’s workspace. Being a first year teacher, he is in here a lot, so it doesn’t stay neat for long, but he did put in some creative storage solutions like the hanging file folders and wire shelving next to his desk.finished-office-makeover-5

Here, you can see the curtains I designed with bleach pens and also one of the Christmas presents I got for Josh, a signed Source Fed poster (which is a news program we watch on YouTube that is hilarious, but still super informative!!)


On the opposite wall is our family calendar (which we snagged on etsy) and more art.finished-office-makeover-1

This small bookcase serves as storage for binders and all office supplies.finished-office-makeover-7And, in the last turn, we’ve got the door and Josh’s keyboard. You can also see that we hung the curtains super high which makes the ceilings look taller and also takes up that empty visual space about the window and doors.finished-office-makeover-2I do want to add something in that space around the rest of the room, but I’m just not sure what yet. Maybe giant confetti shapes or something fun like that!

And that’s our office! Finally functional and a little bit stylish. Like I mentioned, there is room to improve and add over the duration of our time in 816, but just the progress we’ve made is so worth sharing!

Have you overhauled any rooms lately? Discovered any floors you didn’t know existed?


so what makes an office awesome?

I figured that the before shots of the office we’re working with don’t really give a good idea of the aesthetic we’re going for.  Sometimes it’s hard to look past the disaster and see the end goal. So, I thought it would be fun to share a little glimpse into what we’re hoping will be the end result.

Office Inspiration copypainted bulletin circles/washi tape frames/confetti wall/stormwalking print

1. Painted bulletin circles – Perfect for organizing pending tasks or doing some real life ‘pinning’. I love them grouped together, but I also think it would be really cool to have a few spread throughout the room on different walls.

2. Washi tape frames – This is such a fantastic idea. Because, if you’ve ever put together a gallery wall of frames, you know that it can get a bit pricey if you’re buying new ones. And since I’m picturing the office walls full of fun art and posters, this is a cost effective way to make that happen! Not to mention, it spares the walls, it’s easy to remove, and there are so many cute options.

3. Giant confetti – Simple, basically free, super festive. That’s explanation enough right?

4. Quirky art – I already shared our nerd-tastic Lego Darth Vadar print on Monday but I think we need more awesomeness. This “Stormwalking” print just cracks me up and it would certainly brighten my day to walk into the office and see it. (Now I’m imaging what a Michael Jackson storm trooper would sound like on those high notes!! It’s a real shame that you can’t hear me trying to vocalize that right now!)

And that’s it. We’re not looking to add any new-fangled fancy organizational system or anything because we don’t plan on being in this apartment for more than another year or two. So, the goal is to make the space livable and enjoyable without adding a lot of stuff or spending a lot of money. I know you guys feel me on that!

Stay tuned next week to so some fun progress from the office and by the end of the month, we should wrap this thang up! (Yes, I did just use ‘thang’. I’m hip dammit!)

What makes your office/workspace awesome??

take cover! we’re tackling the office!

It’s the same no matter what apartment we’ve lived in. The office area is always a disaster and it’s never felt done. My biggest home related goal is to get our apartment, 816, whipped into shape and 100% complete before the summer. That way we have at least one solid year of living in a finished space before we have to pack up and move again. But before we start diving into the depths of paper stacks and craft supplies that currently fill our office, we should really reveal the damage… whatever. The worse the before pictures the better the after ones will look, right? Right?!

The primary function of this room is to store all of my craft supplies and holiday decorations and it serves as the primary workspace for Josh. All those papers on the random table in the middle of the room? Yup, that’s his students’ work, so you can imagine that we have a lot of papers going in and out of this space.

The Office - Before 1

Also, you’ll notice there is basically no design to this room. It is a beige box with no art, color, or even curtains. (Don’t worry, though. All of those are on the list!)

The Office - Before 2

If you can remember our “keeping it real post” from last summer, you’d know that the box in the corner below hasn’t moved an inch! It’s full of the art and frames that I wanted to fill the walls with.

The Office - Before 3

On the bright side, we did get our family calendar up, and a new addition is our House Savings Goal tracker! That’s right! We’re saving up to buy a house in a couple of years and this is just a fun way to keep us motivated to save! I also couldn’t resist snatching up that adorable Lego Darth Vadar print from iHEARTbricks on Etsy. It’s titled “Everyone’s a lover sometime” and it’s Vadar on a bicycle with some flowers! We’re Star Wars nerds in this house, so I just had to have it!The Office - Before 4

So, as you can very plainly see, we’ve got our work cut out for us. And it is my goal to get this room done before February! There, I said it. It’s out there. Now, I’ve got to make it happen!

Here’s our Office To-Do List!

  • Go through and organize all of my craft supplies in a logical/sane order.
  • Whip up some DIY curtains for the lone window
  • Literally fill the walls with all of our fun art/posters/nerdiness
  • Sort through and determine the necessity of everything in this room!
  • Implement some systems to make Josh’s work easier in this room
  • Add a fun and bright backing to the little book case

Just six “simple” tasks standing in the way of an awesome office. Here we go!

Is there a room in your home that always feels undone? Let’s tackle it this year!!

livinin’ up our living room: our finished gallery wall

We’re back after a fun Fourth of July to share our finished living room gallery wall. Yesterday, we shared some tried-and-true (and hopefully some new) tips for planning out a gallery wall and it’s time to see our finished product.

In our previous apartment (1313) we had a ‘wedding wall’ with a collection of photos/memories from our 2010 nuptials all in black frames. For our new apartment (816), I knew I wanted a collection of frames above the couch. It’s a huge expanse of wall and now that we have taller ceilings, the visual space was overwhelming.

For this particular gallery, I went with a mix of frames in a general color scheme that I have really been digging lately (navy, gold, white, and pale pink). The different frames mix well with the art to create a cohesive, but not monotonous, look.

You’ll probably notice a few reoccurring pieces like the large center piece with is an original by Josh’s sister Rachel in a freshly painted navy frame. On the top left there’s one of the botanical prints that was previously housed in our bedroom at 1313. We purchased the pink canvas art a few years ago at our local Arts and Jazz Festival and it also was in our last bedroom. A mirror, a sprinkling of wedding photos, and a cute card from my sister round out the mix.

I also like the fact that we could easily change out some of the art to reflect the holidays and the photos if we ever get around to taking some decent ones together again. (Seriously, the last good photos we took are these. From our wedding. Almost two years ago! Sheesh.)

Across from our awesome new bookcase, this gallery is making our new living room look a lot more collected. I’m planning to whip some bold curtains in to tie the room together and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on that and all the other progress happening at 816.

tutorial: tips for planning your gallery wall

Gallery walls are a fun way to take up large amounts of visual wall space and display a lot of different things like prints, art, postcards, or photos. And, if you’re on a budget, it can be done for little to no cash. But I think that a lot of people are intimidated by the notion of putting a whole bunch of holes in the wall. Well, I come bearing solutions! Here are a few easy tricks to make hanging your frames as simple as possible.

1. Plan ahead: I’m sure this goes without saying, but going at your wall without a plan will inevitably end in heartache. Take the time to plan out your vision. I start by laying everything out of the floor in front of the wall I’m planning. It’s a non-committal way to experiment with placement, different frames, etc. I also recommend taking a picture of your layout to keep it fresh in your mind.

*Pardon the super great cell phone picture*

2. Use paper cutouts to plan on the wall: This is a tried and true trick. Since we had just moved, we had a plethora of newspaper lying around. I simply traced the frames I decided to include in the gallery and cut out the shape. Use the frame to mark the nail hole to make nail placement even easier. I used painters tape to hang up the cutouts.

3. Post-its are your friend: Once I had my cutouts on the wall, I used post-its to plan out the frame colors and the art inside them. For this particular gallery, I planned on changing the colors of some frame to make it less matchy-matchy. I wanted to make sure that no same colors were too close and that the art didn’t clash with the frame I put it in. The letter (N,P,W,G) are the colors of the frames and below is the contents. Just another way to plan everything out before breaking out the hammers.

From here you’re ready to hang! With the nail holes marked on your cutouts, there will be minimal guess work involved. On a few frames, I went one step further and bought some Command Picture Hanging Strips. They were just a few bucks per package at Target. They were super easy to use and will peel right off when it’s time for the frames to come down. How many you use per frame depends on the weight of it. For the large center frame, I used four, two for the mirror, and just one for the small pink frame on the top left. These are a really great solution for apartment dwellers as well!

And the finished product: a well-hung gallery wall. That sounds a little dirty, but you know what I mean. I’ll be back tomorrow to share our finished product.

 Do you have any other photo hanging tips? Share below!