{1313} our previous apartment

We moved into previous current apartment in May 2010. It was our second apartment and a huge improvement from our first (a 400 sq. ft. studio). This space had two bedrooms and topped out at about 814 sq. ft. In addition to upgrading the size, we also took a lot more liberty to decorate and make this space our own. Paint went up on almost every wall, as did art and photos.

Below you’ll find  pictures of #1313 as it looked before we moved and also links to the posts that detail their progress (before pictures and details included!).

The Kitchen:

We had a tiny kitchen. With some paint and other easy DIY projects (like the colorful cabinet panels and the curtain to cover our storage shelf), we added pops of color and fun to this little space that can be reversed easily when it comes time to move!

I hung up a small no-sew curtain in a fabric that matched our blue, green, and gray color scheme. It hides a storage cubby where we keep extra food, paper towels, and our alcohol (<- keeping it real!).

Here’s a closer shot of our cabinet insert. You can find more details about those here, but basically it boils down to pretty paper, poster board, and double-sided tape!

The Master Bedroom:

This room originally started out a much darker blue, but over the summer, I was craving a much lighter, “flowy-er” space to sleep at night. So, I painted again, in a much lighter blue, added some thrifted night stands (repainted with new hardware!), and some gorgeous white curtains.

More details about this makeover and the budget breakdown can be found here (teaser: under $100.00!!!).

Pictures of the rest of our home, including the office and living room, are coming soon!


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