{816} our current digs

We moved into our current apartment (816) in June of 2012. 816 has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and tops out at just under 1000 sq. ft. Enjoy the tour and all the DIY projects and design we put into it to make it home.

Tutorials and the up-to-date checklist for each room can be found towards the bottom of each category!

red means complete!

The Living Room:

Living Room To Do’s:

  • Living room gallery wall. (I love the layout of this one!) (See the recap!)
  • Buy large shelving unit for books/display/board games/etc (See the recap!)
  • Curtains + new curtain rod for window
  • Buy lighting and side table for couch

Our Bright & Cheerful Dining Room:

Thanks to the Summer Pinterest Challenge, we got our dining room up and running in about one week. Here is the finished space:

To save on cash, we kept our original dining table and chairs (which actually ended up fitting the space very well) and picked up a neutral rug from IKEA. The floating shelves were originally used in the master bath of our previous apartment (1313) but make a great display area for our stemware.

Bright paper strip mobiles add some visual interest, draw the eye up, and create a whimsical effect. They also take some of the harsh-ness out of the lighting in the space.

I got so excited about the color scheme and surrounding art that I put together a cute place setting. Our white dinner plates are from the Dollar Tree (believe it or not!), the blue plates from Crate and Barrel Outlet ($2.95 each!), and the blue napkins and chalk board napkin rings are both from World Market. A simple, cute and casual setting that cheers up the table.

Since we don’t have a fireplace and mantle anymore, I really wanted some sort of designated space to display seasonal art/decor. I took the art out of the largest frame we owned (bought on super sale from Hobby Lobby for $10!) and hung it on the wall with fun ribbon to match the color scheme. But the best part is that when the holidays roll around, I can switch out the ribbon for fun messages or other decorations. It’s interchangeable and multi-purpose!

Dining Room To Do’s:

  • Floating shelves with wine glasses
  • Rug for under table
  • Create chandelier
  • We also added large-scale art! (See the closeups here!)

The Kitchen:

Kitchen To Do’s:

The Hallway:

The Master Bedroom:

Bedroom To Do’s:

  • Buy new bed and dresser (possibly second-hand and refinish?)
  • DIY Upholstered headboard
  • New night tables?
  • Art/mirror/etc. for above bed

The Master Bathroom:

Other To Do’s:

Master Closet To Do’s:

 Office To Do’s:

  • Hang up lots of art.
  • Closet work station for Megan (like this or this?)
  • Paint desk (Maybe blue?)
  • Create a gift wrapping station
  • Organize all craft/hobby supplies (finally!)

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