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It’s the week of Valentine’s and today, I’m bringing you a fun free printable for some kind valentines. I know, I know, I’m way past the school age where handing out valentine’s is expected but I just can’t help myself.


So, I made these simple and fun valentine’s in photoshop. They don’t have any names and they aren’t necessarily mushy. They’re just nice.

I thought it would be fun to hand them out kind of randomly. On a table at Starbucks, under someone’s windshield wiper, maybe a mailbox or two? This February 14th, I just want to make someone’s day.


And, here’s a printable for you. You can just cut them out and hand them out to anyone who could use some extra love this week.

kind-valentines-free-printable copy

Download the free printable here!!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? J and I usually like to avoid the rush and hang out at home together, and for two home-body dorks, that’s mighty fine!

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hi valentine!

February is here! Which means that the day for all things love is swiftly approaching. (Valentine’s day, people!) And to get us in the spirit of hearts and chocolates and warm feelings, I’m sharing our Valentine’s décor!

With the exception of Christmas (where all bets are off), I think just a sprinkling of festivity is perfect for any holiday. In most cases I use things that I’ve already got around the house to create little vignettes and maybe throw in a couple of easy, inexpensive crafty projects and then call it a day. Quick and easy swaps are the name of the game!


With a circle punch, some twine, and all the pink paper I could scrounge up, I made this festive confetti garland to drape over our bookcase.

I also added the red, mini cake plate filled with pink tissue paper into our bookcase accessories and the red and white striped ribbon on the candle vase transitioned perfectly from Christmas to Valentine’s.

valentines-confetti-garland In our rotating frames in the dining room, I hung one of my vintage scarves with a gorgeous pink and red floral pattern. And next to that, I whipped up a cheeky print in photoshop and had it printed up at staples. (I actually found that idea from DESIGNLOVEFEST on Pinterest and just happened to have that same font on my computer so I fashioned one of my own!).


And, remember those cute painted wood ornaments I made for our Christmas tree? That I then turned into magnets? Well, I went ahead and made another variation. I found these awesome wooden heart shapes at Hobby Lobby and decided to make some love-y magnets especially for this month. Just a little craft paint and those self-adhesive magnets is all it takes!

In a stroke of luck, we discovered that our front door is actually magnetic, so I used these cute little hearts to hang up tiny love notes for Josh to see as he leaves in the morning.

Just a few little tweaks made our apartment v-day ready! For us, February is a big month. We celebrate Valentine’s, our half anniversary, and Josh’s birthday! So extra little touches of appreciation and mushy-ness go a long way!

Did you decorate for Valentine’s day? Do you have any traditions or fun activities planned? Share with us!!

Valentine’s Day Sweets

I love to bake. Seriously, it’s a problem. Not only do all most baked goodies taste amazing, but they look adorable! I’ve done lots of cupcakes in the past but not a lot of cakes. So in preparation for Valentine’s Day, I decided to do just that.

With a new recipe from Bakerella in hand, I got to work. I decided on a yellow cake with vanilla buttercream (tinted pink in the name of love). Update: this cake is super yummy. Definitely give both layers a good spritzing with the sugar water to keep them moist. And get ready for the sugar rush!

When it came to icing the cake, I feel like I did surprisingly well. Of course, I do work in a bakery, so it makes sense that I would have picked up some tricks. {Quick tip: once you get the cake covered in icing, a few sprays of water from a spritz bottle will make it so much easier to get a smoother finish.}

For an easy and quick decoration, I just went with some cake bunting. I don’t know if you’ve seen this trend, but it is adorable! With some skewers, twine, and some leftover fabric from, you guessed it, my V-Day wreath, I made a simple pink cake look whimsical and cheery.

Love is a Many Spledored Thing – {Valentine’s Inspiration Board}

Well, as crazy as it seems, we are well into February and Valentine’s Day is inching closer and closer. If you’ve been hanging around here for the past two weeks, you know that we’ve been prepping hard for V-Day (here, here, & here) but I wanted to share some of the fun and beautiful things that I’ve found on Pinterest from other super talented people as well.

The candy store/bakery I work at is historically a crazy place to be on February 14th, so I’ll be working all day this year and won’t have a lot of time for parties and pretties. But if I did have the time, I’d be doing these things:

love letter dessert bar, felt fortune cookies, cupid cupcake, happily ever after printable, chair envelope, arrow cupcake, love letter cookie.

Lots of love letter and cupid’s arrow details!! The felt fortune cookies would make really great valentine’s for kiddos to pass out at school and who doesn’t love free printables??

February is a full of special days for Josh and me. With his birthday, our half anniversary, and Valentine’s day to celebrate, we usually just wait until the end of the month to do something special together. It’s also a great excuse to avoid the V-Day crowds. It gets so crazy!

We’ve got more Valentine’s inspired posts on the way this week so stay tuned! Also, here’s my Valentine’s Day pinterest board if you want to see more of what I’ve been loving!

Have you found some amazing V-Day inspiration? Planning a party or something special this year? Share below!

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Love is in the air… and all over the mantle!

We’re keeping this week rolling with another Valentine’s Day preparation post!

I love dressing up our mantle for the holidays (see here, here, and here for proof), but in the past, I’ve never really made the effort to decorate for Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s because the candy store I work at goes nuts over V-Day, but I just can’t help myself. I mean, you saw my sexy wreath, right?

Well, needless to say, the mantle got a big ol’ splash of lovin’ this past weekend. And all for the price of a bag of pick M&M’s!

Here’s a peek:

Basically, I grabbed matching items I had around the house to pull together a love-y look. Candles, my little white elephant, and even a pink alarm clock give the mantle some cute detail. I snagged the flower arrangement from the vase by my night stand and wrapped some black and white stripped fabric (left over from my wreath) to make a dapper little bow. And the heart-shaped paper chain underneath adds some whimsy. (I found that little how-to on Pinterest!)

Over on the left, I’ve got a free printable from here which is just sitting on the mantle in a black matte board. A cute little candy dish holds those V-day M&M’s I mentioned, and I also dressed up our silver cone trees in some complimentary “jackets” (tutorial on these coming soon!). *Update: The tutorial for the cone tree “jackets” can be found here!

And, there you have it! Our loved-up mantle, ready for romantic moves, gamble chocolates, and snuggling on the couch… or something like that!

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Sexy (-ish) Valentine’s Day Wreath – {tutorial}

February is a special month for Josh and me. Josh’s birthday is on the 25th our half wedding (and dating!) anniversaries are on the 14th & 18th, and, of course, there’s Valentine’s Day. In the past, I’ve never really decorated for Valentine’s Day. The two of us usually go on an “all-in-one” date to celebrate everything around the end of the month. But, since I made this wreath late last year, I have been in love with dressing up our door. So, today, we’ve got a tutorial on our new Valentine’s Day wreath, which spreads lovey-dovey feelings from our front door. Your welcome!

For this project I purchased three items. Everything else I had on hand, so, in total, this wreath cost me about $15.00 (plus, I have a lot of the stripped fabric left over for future use!). First you’ll need a wreath (1). I chose an inexpensive foam wreath. Originally, I wanted to recreate this wreath from Pinterest, but they didn’t have any large hearts available, so I went with the classic round. I also picked up some yarn (2). Obviously, I went with a pale pink for Valentine’s Day. And lastly, I chose a bold black and white striped fabric for the bow (3). Here, you could choose any fabric you love for whatever occasion you’re making this for.

You’ll also want to have some scissors, hot glue gun, iron, and fusible webbing, plus any ribbon or other accents to glam up your wreath.  Let’s get started!

First of all, you’ll want to wrap your styrofoam wreath. Just go around (and around and around) with the yarn and hot glue until it’s covered. (Set yourself up with a good playlist or some Netflix to pass the time!)

After you’ve got your base done, it’s time to start on the big bow. I cut a 16”x4” piece of fabric and kept it folded in half. Armed with an iron and some fusible webbing (which can be found at pretty much any store with a sewing section and is really inexpensive) I made a ½ inch crease all the way around the fabric. No raw edges to be seen. Then, I ironed the open edge to create an wide band.

Next, we move on to the middle piece that actually makes the perfect bow shape. Cut a piece of the same fabric that measured about 3”x6”. Hem the long edges with your webbing.

With the wrong side facing out, fuse the two shorter edges together to create a ring. Flip it inside out and iron the creases.

Slide this ring onto the first fabric piece and fluff into a perfect, shapely bow! I tied the length of hanging ribbon I needed around the wreath and then hot glued the bow to that.

Now, it’s time to get creative with accents! I chose some black crossing ribbons all the way around with rhinestone accents. The finished product looks almost lingerie-inspired to me, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day! (Hubba hubba!)

But, you could easily use whatever you have on hand for a different look. Maybe some flowers & rosettes from fabric scraps you have lying around or even a cute little swag across the middle that spells out “LOVE”. Really, the options are endless!

How are you decorating for Valentine’s Day? Or are you? In the past, I have never dolled up our house for Valentine’s in the past, but I must admit, I’m kind of digging it this year!

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