about us

Megan & JoshI’m Megan and that’s my husband Josh.

We tied the knot of August 14, 2010 and I started this blog to share the whole process of getting married. Of course, back then our blog was titled “Are We Wed Yet?”, a title my witty husband concocted.* But once the nuptials were over, my blogging focus shifted from weddings to home design, DIY projects, and entertaining. So we made a big switcheroo and created Two Live Colorfully. Now, we have a place to chronicle all of our dabbling in the aforementioned categories.

At this point in our life, we’re coming up on lots of exciting happenings like college graduation, getting real jobs, and moving. (And that’s just this year!). So follow along, one goofy couple’s quest to live a fun and colorful life!

Do you share our enthusiasm for the fun life? Click on over here to find out how to get your home renovations, DIY projects, and parties featured on Two Live Colorfully!

*Want to read posts from our “AWWY?” days? Here are all of our posts  pre-TLC.


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