easy decor switch to welcome in the new year!

Here we are on the very last day of 2012. It’s the time for reflection and resolutions, but I want to talk about what’s really important… decorations! (Just kidding, all the mushy goals stuff is scheduled for Wednesday!!) But honestly, I feel like New Year’s Eve gets the shaft as far as decorating goes. It’s right after Christmas and people are tired and just trying to get their holiday decor packed up, so I wanted to share a quick switch that celebrates the coming of the new year, but doesn’t really require a whole lot of effort: a resolution tree!

NYE Resolution Tree (6) copyI took down all of our special Christmas ornaments and replaced them with as many gold bulb ornaments as our tree could handle! I bought these shatter-proof gold and silver ornaments from an after Christmas sale in 2009 and they are perfect for achieving that glitzy New Years feeling! I also added some crazy glittery garland that I snagged from Hobby Lobby in my traditional “day after Christmas” shopping trip for $3.00.

NYE Resolution Tree (2) copyNext, I just got some squares of black paper and used a silver metallic sharpie to jot down some of our goals for the year!

NYE Resolution Tree (3) copyIt’s a super simple, cheap switch that is still festive and inspiring! With the lights on, everything glitters and it’s really motivating to look over and see my goals for the year staring me in the face.

NYE Resolution Tree (4) copyThe tree will come down soon, but I don’t like to pass up an opportunity to decorate! And since our New Year’s Eve plans mostly consist of staying home, cracking a bottle of champagne, and heading to bead around 10:00pm, I wanted to make sure we gave 2013 some recognition as it rolls in!

Do you decorate for New Years? What are your plans for tonight? Going out? Staying in? Let’s hear it!


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