a colorful (and custom) year in review!

Happy Wednesday! I truly hope that you all had an amazing holiday! We’re currently headed home to Dallas after visiting our families in south Texas but we wanted to start the wrapping up 2012 by sharing our little famiky’s year in review.

Last year, I jumped on the newsletter style review bandwagon and made one to post on facebook. My family loved it so much that I decided to include them inside our holiday cards this year. Me thinks there’s a new tradition a brewin’!  It will be so awesome to have a collection of newsletters to look back on in the future. I just use photoshop to compile the highlights of our year into  one 5×7 photo to fit into our holiday card envelope. To save ink, I went to Staples and them print it on a sturdy cardstock.

Here’s the finished product:


It took a few hours total to create and I love the way it turned out. It’s bright and colorful and 100% us! The perfect way to share an amazing year our loved ones.

How do you share news and updates with your families at the end of the year? Does a quick email do it? Maybe a newsletter like this? Or something else entirely? Share below!!


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