christmas is for the birds

Christmas is inching closer and closer, which means it’s time to get cracking on our fun Christmas to-do list! One of the items we listed was making some cute bird seed ornaments for the tiny trees outside of our apartment. We are lucky enough to have our patio look out into an actual nature seen (as opposed to a well-frequented doggy business area like at our last place!), so I thought we’d take the opportunity to enjoy it and maybe tempt some pretty birds to hang out with us!

Bird Seed Ornaments (5) copy

I found this super easy tutorial over at saltwater-kids and it worked out wonderfully! It was a simple project that took less than an hour (not including drying time) and I’m so pleased with the finished product. I made sure to really spray my cookie cutters with a non-stick cooking spray to ensure they would come out intact and I also let them dry over night, just to be safe.

Bird Seed Ornaments (7) copy

I chose fun shapes from my plethora of cookie cutters to make them more interesting. I’ve got hearts, leaves, acorns, and stars. Maybe the birds have a shape preference, who knows? But at least we’re prepared!

Bird Seed Ornaments (10) copy

I ended up with a few to many to pile onto our tree, so I set of with some ribbon and a few birdy ornaments in hand and put them on some other trees around the complex as well. Hopefully, other families nearby will enjoy some flying friends!Bird Seed Ornaments (13) copySo, we added a little Christmas cheer to our small outdoor area and got another fun item crossed of our to-do list! I also ordered my last Christmas present today and will be mailing our Christmas cards out tomorrow! I am on a roll!!

How are you doing this holiday season? Are you getting things done ahead of time or do you end up partaking in the last minute rush? And what kind of outdoor decorating do you do for the holidays? I’m curious! (especially if you live in an apartment!!)


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