who needs a mantle anyways?

One of the things I miss most about our last apartment (1313) is the mantle. We had a nice fire place (that wasn’t used once in the two years we lived there) with a perfect place to perch holiday decorations. The mantle was my go-to spot for rotating décor, but in 816 (our current apartment) we have no fireplace and instead it was up to me to dream up new and creative ways to add seasonal décor to our home.

 These are some of my favorite options:

Empty frame + print combo. This is what we did and I love it. Through the different seasons, we change out the print and do something fun with the large empty frame. For Halloween, a purple spider web, for Thanksgiving, a fun geometric garland, and now for Christmas, we turned this display into a card display with just festive ribbon and tape!

Hang stockings on your foot board. Isn’t this idea adorable? The caption on it explains that the kiddos could come snuggle with mom and dad and open stockings before heading down to the tree for presents. So cute!


A hearth-less mantle. Who says you need a fireplace to have a mantle? This is a super cute (and probably pretty inexpensive) option to keep the tradition but execute in an updated way.


No matter if you have a roaring fireplace or a simple bookshelf to dress up for the holidays, decorating is all about getting creative. I’m of a firm belief (that I usually have to remind myself of) that there are no real rules when it comes to your home (you know except for building codes or whatever). And as far as aesthetics go, it’s all about what you like and what reflects your personal style.

 What spaces do you decorate for the holidays? Do you stick strictly with more traditional options like mantels, staircases, and the dining table? Or do you go crazy and drench the bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways with holiday cheer? Share you spaces below!!


3 thoughts on “who needs a mantle anyways?

  1. We have no mantle. I have a fake one I can put up but ironically no room to put it up. Our stockings are hung along our banister on the way down the stairs. That’s where we tell the kids Santa drops them off b/c he needs access to the front door as we don’t have a chimney.

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