blog business: two live colorfully redesign!

Two Live Colorfully has a new look! Over the past few months, I have hard a really hard time settling on a blog design that I like. In true DIY spirit, I’ve always taken on the challenge myself, and after a few weeks, I get tired of it, or see something I like more so things have changed a lot. I was actually really close to hiring someone to re-brand TLC for me, but I wanted to give it one last shot. And here it is!

I will openly admit that I am still a photoshop novice, but I’m diggin’ this new design I’ve created from scratch. Yes, for the background, I went outside on the patio and photographed blank plywood left over from our DIY upholstered headboard project for half an hour like a crazy person and then spent an evening figuring out what pattern I wanted to lay over it. I call it dedication, Josh calls it something else…

But seriously, I think this new design really embraces the idea behind Two Live Colorfully. It’s bright and cheerful, the plywood element amps up the DIY vibe, and the whole thing was just another DIY adventure!

I wanted to share the brand board I made, after I finished all the website elements. It’s just a cute compilation of everything TLC related and it makes me proud to see everything put together in one place!

There are still a few updates in the works for the site like an updated home tour page (finally!) and a new project page to reference tutorials and more DIY specific posts and I’m super excited to get those up and running. I feel like blog design, for me, is always evolving, but it’s nice to have settled on a foundation that really represents Two Live Colorfully!


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