our home: new bedding makes my heart sing

Last week, we shared our new DIY upholstered headboard and today we’re keeping the train going with more bedroom progress! We’re still a long ways off from calling this room done but updating our bedding has much a huge difference! We replaced our chocolate brown quilt with a gorgeous, textured gray and white duvet and bought two new sets of sheets; one deep plum, the other white with a small blue pattern. The improvement is outstanding and, for real, the whole room is lighter and our new bedding is plushhh!

It actually took us a while to settle on this duvet cover. Countless stores and website turned up with zilch! While Josh and I have can usually agree on a similar style, we do have different preferences. I wanted something with a repeating pattern and Josh wanted something with a little more ‘freestyle’.

We actually contemplated DIY’ing a duvet cover by purchasing a plain white one and using fabric markers to add pattern (like a grown up version of this awesome one!), but we ended up deciding against that since we couldn’t settle on a design we both liked and that sort of challenge would not be a cheap failure! So, the search for a duvet to purchase continued.

Finally, a chance trip into Bed, Bath, and Beyond last Saturday turned up this beauty.

A lovely combination; a free style pattern, if you will. And, really, it was lucky because I usually try to avoid BB&B. The usual smell is way too much, but add those cinnamon scented pinecones they carry during the holidays, and I felt like running for a gas mask! But the dizziness was worth fining this beauty of a duvet cover.

As for the actual duvet, I snagged Hotel Luxury one from Home Goods for a sweet $60.00 (more than half the original price!) I do have to admit that it has been an adjustment moving from our quilt to this duvet, it gets a little warmer, but I think once we get used to it, it will be totally fine. Plus the Texas “winter” months are coming, so it will be nice to have some extra warmth then!

Slowly but surely, this room is coming together. Just to refresh your memory, this is the other side of the room. Pretty empty except for our IKEA dresser which we still love!

Still on the list:

  • Make some throw pillows to add some more color
  • DIY some art for above the bed
  • Find a big mirror for above the dresser (hopefully a thrifting find!)
  • DIY a bed skirt (with no ruffles!)
  • Add some style to the nightstands and dresser

Any new purchases helping to pull your rooms together? Are there some things you’re more likely to purchase rather than attempt to DIY?


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