on a budget: the end of the “home spending embargo!”

Holey toleto, how in the world is it November already? I feel like I say that at the beginning of every month, but it really feels like this year is coming to a close so fast! But with the arrival of November, we officially end October’s Home Spending Embargo. That’s right, early last month, I set a goal to spend no money on frivolous home related purchases.

Did I accomplish this goal? The quick answer is no. But I did learn a lot about distinguishing between a spontaneous impulse purchase and a planned, purposeful purchase.

This month I made two home related purchases:

One, new coffee mugs: This has been on our want list for a while. Pretty much ever since, a small piece of our original mugs wound up on the floor, and then a short time later, lodged in my foot. Ouch! I picked up these colorful mugs from the Crate & Barrel outlet for $2.95 each. They’re a great shape, have an unexpected pop of color, and the price ain’t too shabby either. All in all, a good purchase with a grand total of $22.57.

And two, all the materials to DIY an upholstered headboard for the master bedroom. When we moved a few months ago, we sold our bedroom set because of space issues and downgraded to an inexpensive metal frame. The bedroom has been looking so empty and unfinished, that I finally stopped piddling and put the wheels in motion. A full post on this project is coming soon. All the materials ran us around $50.00. And it was well worth it. Here’s a sneak peek:

So, no, it wasn’t a perfect no-spending month but it was a good challenge. I mean, honestly, if I survived this month without fleeing to Target in a desperate search for the new Nate Berkus line, I must have done pretty well.


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