celebrate the holidays: simple and cheap rag doll costume

Halloween week is here! This holiday is huge at my company so, this weekend, I put on my costume in full to make sure I was all set. We’re still in the midst of the Home Spending Embargo of October so I set out to spend as little as possible on my costume. After seeing this adorable idea on Pinterest, I decided to go with Rag Doll.

I made the essential red yarn wig following the tutorial over at  A Beautiful Mess and put together the rest of the costume by shopping my own closet. I did purchase the ruffle-y under shirt from the Wal-Mart clearance rack for $5.00. Everything else I already owned and since matching was not a concern, choosing was a pretty quick task. A white and blue polka dot dress, a vintage red apron, and black tights make up the base of the outfit and then it was time for accessories! I fashioned a big bow from a spare piece of floral fabric I had and pinned it to my top. A bright blue bow and black and white stripped stockings (which you can’t see in the photo) finish it off!

The make up was made easy by just upping my normal routine. I added some freckles, bright pink blush circles, and some heart-shaped doll lips. Easy peasy! All together I spent $7.00 on the costume (for yarn and the top) and this Wednesday, I’ll be rocking my adorable and darn-cheap costume at work. Who knows? Maybe I’ll win a little prize!

In other Halloween news, we carved our pumpkin this past weekend. It’s a little late but we had fun making another spooky face! Plus, I used this recipe from A Subtle Revelry to roast some delicious Olive Oil & Sea Salt pumpkin seeds! Yum!

Are you ready for Halloween this Wednesday? What are you and your family planning to do? Share your fun plans and Halloween posts below!


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