a home spending embargo!

Happy Monday, everyone!

I’m super excited because I’m instituting a “Home Spending Embargo” from now until the end of October. That’s right people, I’m challenging myself and all of you to refrain from indulging in any and all frivolous, home related purchases!

Recently, I’ve been exploring “small and simple living” and what it really comes down to is only owning and purchasing items that are beautiful, meaningful, and good quality (simple, right?). Plus, now that we’re officially a two-income household, we’re focused on paying down debts and saving for a house and a pause on unnecessary purchases will help us me reign in frivolous spending and reach our savings goals faster!

So, for the rest of this month on TLC, I’ll be sharing some easy updates, free holiday decorations, and other ideas to curb the urge to spend! Tomorrow, we’ll be back with a super quick, free project that added a pop of color to our kitchen.


2 thoughts on “a home spending embargo!

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