our colorful life: it’s fall, ya’ll!

Welcome to October! Finally, right? The TLC household is gladly welcoming the cooler weather. Josh and I have been busy adjusting to this whole “grown-up” thing now that we both have jobs and I’ll definitely admit that it’s been quite the juggling act. But we’ve got lots to look forward to in the coming months so that keeps our spirits up and our minds (relatively) sane.


Here are the entries from my daily, one-line journal for September:

1. A lazy day at home + Night at the Roxbury!
2. Finally put up kitchen towel bar! Success!
3. A mind reading moment with J. “You know what I want to watch? Harry Potter!”
4. Interview & impromptu CEO meeting at RTR
5. Found awesome hot pink awesome while roaming Dallas
6. Already planning for the holidays!
7. Lots of Scribble play time.
8. Afternoon poolside with J in 80 degree weather
9. Fall candle & candy corn to kick off autumn
10. Once again indulging in Harry Potter
11. Birthday chats with Mom, Nana, & Mrs. Willis
12. HIRED! Offered a position with Real Time Resolutions
13. Lunch date with J, shopping, & Aunt Brandi’s preggo!
14. Last free Friday at home.
15. Stayed in bed and snuggled until 2:30
16. Getting prepped & organized for first day
17. 1st day at 1st post graduate full time job!
18. Praying for Emily today (Colonoscopy procedure)
19. After work, windows down, music on, enjoying fall
20. Adorned my head with a very large sockbun. Felt spiffy all day.
21. Date night at Sunset Homecoming game!
22. Weekend are better after a long work week!
23. The weekends are also shorter!
24. On a mission to create a happy workspace
25. “Celebrate Colorfully” is born
26. Our 1st door-to-door fundraiser purchase: 2 chocolate bars
27. Feeling really confident about Celebrate Colorful
28. A letter in the mail from Tabetha!
30. Rainy day craft shopping
31. A pumpkin spice latte to celebrate fall

What did you love about last month? What are you most looking forward to now? Share below!


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