make this: apple cider hostess gift

Today I’m sharing a fun and easy gift, that you could have on hand to give the host or hostess of those wonderful holiday parties you attend! I often find pictures of beautiful things on Pinterest that either don’t link to a tutorial or I have no idea where to even get the supplies to create the thing. So, I thought it might be fun to create short, sweet little breakdowns of some of my favorite pins. I’ll try to hunt down the resources and include a quick how-to so we can make more things we pin actually happen!

Let’s start with the inspiration picture:

via Dreamy Whites

Isn’t that so gorgeous! Simple but charming. And I’m quickly realizing that “simple but charming” is my exact gift giving philosophy. Now, let’s break it down into resources and steps! This one should be easy-peasy!

1. Glass Jug. I love the classic shape used in the inspiration photo, so I hunted down some 1/2 gallon and whole gallon glass jugs from Specialty Bottle. At$2.86 each, they definitely wouldn’t break the bank!

2. Neutral napkins. I only suggest neutral colors and patterns because I think it would let the apple cider stand out the most. The inspiration shows plain, white linen but these napkins from World Market would be just as pretty. You can purchase these in a set of 4 for just under $20.00. Use one per gift and you’re getting your money’s worth.

3. Twine & Tag. To hold the napkin around the bottle, stick with a rustic material like twine or jute. Keeps it cohesive and charming! If you’re lucky enough to find a few of those gorgeous colored fall leaves around (or even an inexpensive branch of faux leaves), by all means, tuck them in, but be sure to also include a simple tag to share your message.

4. And most importantly, you’ll need apple cider to fill the jugs with! Chaos in the Kitchen has a great homemade apple cider recipe here but you could just as easily pick up some good quality apple cider from the grocery store and pour into your bottles.

And you’re done! I hope to share a lot more projects in the “make this” series before the holidays for those who love to DIY holiday gifts! So stay tuned!


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