get organized: 5-minute outdoor storage solutions

I tackled our outdoor closet this week as a part of the Home Organization 101 Challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons. (It’s actually garage week, but we don’t have one so… yeah.)

To be fair, it wasn’t horribly full or stuff, mostly just supplies left over from moving in and other painting projects. We threw a wire shelf in there to create a little storage but it was not organized by any means.

Obviously, not a lot of thought was put into this closet, but in our defense we’ve only lived in 816 for about 3 months.

And on a horrifying side note, all of the planting stuff in this picture is no longer in use because, yes, my tiny little succulents died. Whomp whomp. I, along with a nosy black bird who attacked my plants, are to blame. Maybe “let’s try to not kill a plant this year!” will become a TLC tradition.

But, back to the matter at hand.

My goal for this space was to get things organized by category and spend as little dough as possible. Here it is now:

A quick trip to the Dollar Tree and $3.00 later, we were in business.

The caddy sitting on top holds all brushes, putty knives, and other miscellaneous tools.

Below that, we have a shorter round bin that holds the smaller paint and stain cans, as well as putty.

And, one more shelf down, we have another short bin to hold all spray paint cans. This was the biggest improvement. Because the wire shelving has large gaps, the cans would fall straight through. Now they are all grouped together and easy to access.

It literally took me 5 minutes to complete this project, but it made such a huge difference. Huzzah Dollar Tree!

Done any quick organizing tasks lately? What are your best ‘under 5 minute’ organizing tips?


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