and the lame blogger award goes to…

It’s me! Good golly gracious, it has been over a month since my last post! Ridiculous? Yes. Warranted? Maybe. The jury is still out.

But either way, August turned out to be a crazy month in the Willis household. Mostly because Josh officially started teaching high school algebra! All of a sudden, it’s like we’re adults or something. He’s been dedicating most of his time to school and my mission has been to be a sort of safety net while we’re in transition (keeping the apartment clean, making lunches, and such).

Of course, I’m still on the job hunt myself, but it seems as though some progress is being made.

The weather here in Texas has been amazing this past week. Mid-to-high 80’s, with clear skies and breezes that I refuse to interpret as anything other than the start of fall (my favorite season, without a doubt). I even saw pumpkins pop up on my most recent grocery trip!

So, of course, I couldn’t leave the store without getting a fall scented candle and some candy corn. I’ve been stalking the holiday category on Pinterest looking for inspiration for the upcoming months. It. will. be. awesome!

But, in the spirit of getting this blog back on track, I thought I’d share my one-line-per-day journal entries for the month of August to let you know what I’ve been up to:

1. A joint workout then lake trip prep.
2. J & I left for my family lake trip.
3. Boating & swimming all day.
4. More fun at the lake, s’mores with Tabetha.
5. Home from the lake.
6. Back to routine. Grocery shopping & awesome workout.
7. Feeling a little sick but got in a workout.
8. Interview at Sugar Bee Sweets.
9. Poolside dinner & evening swim with J.
10. Watched documentary “The Business of Being Born”
11. White board making & school shopping with Josh.
12. Five loads of laundry & a workout.
13. Started Josh’s classroom makeover
14. More painting & celebratory dinner @ El Ranchito.
15. More work on J’s class & interview.
16. Laptop is caput, but new big idea in the works.
17. J bought me an amazing touch screen computer!
18. Goal: getting organized.
19. Perfect weather & a foot dip in the pool.
20. Blueberry & plum cobbler w/ homemade whipped cream.
21. A quick visit with Mom, Dad, & Rachel.
22. Day trip to Commerce to get Rachel moved into her dorm.
23. Whipped up some awesome posters for J’s class.
24. Brainstorm ideas for an etsy shop.
25. J’s classroom is done & awesome.
26. Enjoying the calm before the school year.
27. J’s first day teaching & a funfetti cake to celebrate.
28. We posed as sexists to post a joke review of a ridiculous product.
29. Inspired by ShayCarl
30. House & baby talk with Josh
31. Dinner @ Country Burger & organizing J’s class.

And now we’re in September! We have a lot of fun things to share on TLC this month, like the reveal of Josh’s bright classroom, holiday prep, and lots of organization madness. I joined the Home Organization 101 14 week challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons, so stay tuned for updates on that!


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