our colorful life: goodbye july!

It’s August 1st! Isn’t that just crazy? Josh and I are getting ready to head out for a little family vacation this weekend. I thought to wrap up July posts it would be fun to share last month’s entries from my daily line journal. I’m pleased to say that I have kept up with the journal everyday since I started it in May and I’m so glad! It will so awesome to look back on this in a few years and remember fun moments I would’ve otherwise forgotten.

So here is my July 2012:

1. Birthday pedicure + a new recipe: ham & cheese sliders
2. Up early. Made muffins to ease the Monday blues
3. Painted dining room art: floral over gold stripes
4. Lazy holiday. Pool, brisket, and watching scrubs
5. Interview at Sprinkles
6. Window shopping with J. Apple Store, Z Gallerie, Crate & Barrel
7. Trial day at Sprinkles Cupcakes
8. New recipe: chicken and artichoke lasagna
9. We finished decorating the dining room!
10. A bloggy day! More content and improvements
11. An epic search for Scribble yielded no results
12. Lots of blog brainstorming
13. Jennifer & Rachel arrive for an overnight visit
14. Oaklawn tour, lunch out, & siesta with J
15. A life epiphany of sorts
16. First workout in months
17. Lazy day… Psych marathon
18. Lazy day #2
19. Almost fully unpacked + living room curtains almost done
20. Living room curtains done! Bold and awesome!
21. An afternoon swim with J
22. Jack Daniels pulled pork & corn on the cob for dinner
23. Blog planning. “Where am I taking TLC?”
24. More TLC blogging re-design
25. The job search continues
26. Shopping at World Market and Anthropologie
27. Evening reading outside on the porch
28. Playing, laughing, & lounging in bed
29. New recipe: pan-fried chicken
30. Fitness in my #1 priority
31. Spontaneous movie date – The Dark Knight Rises

What was your July like? Do you keep up with a journal or diary? Share below!


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