throw a: late summer bash

Row 1: watermelon smiles, diy lawn twister, bbq chicken pizza
Row 2: paper cup lights, refreshing ice cubes
Row 3: outdoor seating, grapefruit and strawberry popsicles

The Feel: There’s just something charming about a laid back, chilled out get together. No need for matching plates or cups. Just pull what you’ve got out of the cabinets and let the guests serve themselves from a food spread. Fun outdoor games like lawn twister or ladder golf will keep guests having fun. Easy entertaining at its finest!

The Food: Keep the menu casual with easy-to-eat food. BBQ Chicken Pizza is an easy adaption of a classic summer recipe with very few ingredients. (I’ve made this several times at home and it is seriously yummy!). Supplement this main course with light, refreshing treats. Obviously, watermelon slices are an easy favorite. Maybe even some individual servings of baked chips in cute containers like this. Cool down and finish off the meal with some homemade popsicles! Take advantage of all the delicious in-season fruit before the fall rolls around!

The Drinks: An easy choice is tea and lemonade. Mix up these classics and try lavender lemonade, watermelon lemonade, or strawberry iced tea. Try blueberry vodka lemonade or ‘grown-up’ sweet tea for some summer-y cocktails. Go the extra mile with fruit filled ice cubes! A cute drink bucket filled with ice, bottled water, and some sodas would be perfect for a party with guests of all ages.

The Décor: Let the outdoors do this for you! A table, some outdoor chairs are all you really need. (Those fun colored ones would be cute though!). If your party is going into the night, add some lanterns, candles (with citronella to keep the bugs at bay), and/or some festival style lighting. The cute lights above are just white string lights and inexpensive paper cups. Cute, casual, and an extra way to utilize your holiday decorations!

Have you thrown any casual summer parties this year? Send in photos or links to maybe be featured! If you want more of my summer time inspiration you can visit the TLC Summer Time Pinterest Board!


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