tutorial: colorful paper strip mobiles (the no-sew version!!)

I had so much fun checking out all of the awesome projects posted to the Summer Pinterest Challenge parties. There were some really amazing projects!

Today, I’m finishing up the details of our Pin-spired Dining Room with a tutorial for a no-sew version of the amazing paper strip mobiles that have been floating around the web. Now, this version of this project probably takes a little longer than the sewed version, but some of us don’t have sewing machines (or maybe you’re like me and you do have one but the needle needs to be replaced and you’re too intimidated to use it!).

Here’s what you’ll need:

Paper to match your color scheme. I bought the smooth 12×12 cardstock from Hobby Lobby. The size makes cutting so much easier!

  1. Beads. You can use anything you have on hand. I picked up some pretty silver beads at HL on sale. These will weigh down the mobiles so they don’t sway out of control.
  2. Paper cutter (or ruler/scissors/xacto knife)
  3. Stickers/tape
  4. Fishing line
  5. Needle

First, cut your paper into strips. Like I mentioned, the 12×12 paper makes the cutting much more simpler. I cut the sheets in half and then cut one inch strips from those. Easy-peasy.

Next, I used the needle to poke a hole in the middle of each strip. Set yourself up with some Netflix and it will go by pretty fast.

Thread the fishing line through the pinholes. You can put them on in a pattern or random.

To make the strips stay vertical I used clear reinforcers. You could easily use coordinating  or clear stickers.

I made five mobiles at different lengths but the combinations are up to you. I love the way mine turned out. They move slowly and add some whimsy to our colorful dining room. They would be gorgeous in a kid’s room or nursery or used as party decorations!

And there you have it! If you try this version, I would love to see the finished project!

ps. We updated our home tour page to include the deets and pictures of our bright and colorful dining room. You can check it out here!

Link Parties:

Little Inspiration’s Create and Inspire Party


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