tutorial: quick & easy DIY jewelry display frame

Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m sharing a super easy, super quick jewelry display frame to showcase all of your baubles! Seriously, it’s so simple I half considered titling this post “projects you can tackle in the time it takes your husband to tackle some frozen ground beef.” (True story).

Let’s get started!

For this project you’ll need:

  1. Cork board – I bought the thickest roll I could find at Hobby Lobby. I used my 40% off coupon to bring the price down from $15 to $9 and I still have plenty of cork left for some future projects.
  2. A large frame – I got this gold frame from Goodwill for about $5. How big of a frame you need depends on how much you’re trying to display so, just use your best judgment for that.
  3. Fabric – This is where you can really customize your own. Bright, bold patterns? Sure! Maybe you want to match your existing décor. Go crazy! I bought this fun, wavy fabric from the Wal-Mart clearance section for $2.00/yard.
  4. Hot glue gun, scissors, and thumbtacks will finish out the supplies.

First, remove the glass from your frame and use it to cut the right size corkboard. I simply traced and cut with scissors. For thicker cork board you might need to use a knife to carefully cut.

Since I was definitely not planning on using the art inside the frame anywhere else, I used hot glue to attach the cork board to thick cardboard. This gave my cork board a little more strength and width for the push pins to hang on to. If you’re using an empty frame a piece of foam board would work perfectly behind the cork.

Flip your board over to cut an appropriate size piece of fabric. Pull the fabric taught and secure with hot glue. I made sure to pull the fabric tight against the board so that there wouldn’t be any sagging down the road.

To get the corners down smooth I cut away the excess fabric to make sure it would lay flat.

Just pop that bad boy in the frame and hang!

I hung mine in our walk-in closet to make it super easy to grab an accessory after getting dressed.

And here’s the finished product! Easy-peasy! I don’t have a whole lot of jewelry, so I was even left with a little space to pin cute quotes or maybe even some outfit inspiration and I love it!

How do you store/display your jewelry? I’d love to see creative and fun solutions! Share below!


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