keeping it real: apartment progress

I thought it would be fun to snap some photos of the progress we’ve made in our new apartment (816) since we moved in exactly got it exactly two months ago. We’ve definitely created a vision for each room/space but since we’re juggling work (or job searching in my case) and adjusting to the new city, executing those plans is slow going. So, prepare yourself people. These are photos shot with no clean-up preparation. As the title says, we’re keeping it real today.

Let’s ease in with a shot of our living room and new IKEA IVAR bookcase. The living room is by far the space that’s come the farthest. Bright and bold curtains are next on the list and then this room will take a back seat to the others.

From the other angle, you’ll see our new gallery wall and a very slouchy couch.

The dining room is up next. You’re actually getting a sneak peek of one of the projects I’m tackling for the YHL/Bower Power Summer Pinterest Challenge. More details next week! The dining room is probably the space that will soon be getting the most attention. A new dining table and chairs are hopefully in the near future and I’ve got plans for a really, neat chandelier (of sorts) and filling both walls with bold, fun art.

The kitchen doesn’t really lend itself to much in the way of design but we’re really enjoying the extra cabinet and counter space. My cake stands and candy jars now have a permanent home on top of our cabinets.

Ah, the bedroom. Lots to do in here. We bought a basic metal bed frame, which we have yet to put together. Once we get on that, we’ll be making plans for a DIY upholstered headboard and a custom bed skirt.

Our new HEMNES dresser from IKEA is put together and we love it! That plus our new curtains (also from IKEA) make the room livable while we get settled.

Here’s where it gets really real. The office. Otherwise known as our dumping zone. It seems our workspace is always the space that gets pushed to the back burner but we’ve got some really cool plans for this space too.

And there you have it: the good, the bad, and the messy progress of 816. We’ve got so many awesome plans to get cracking on. Some involve saving up the dough (like a dining table and upholstered chairs and a new desk for Josh) and others are some really simple, but big impact DIY projects that can be done on a dime and we can’t wait to share it all with you!


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