livinin’ up our living room: our finished gallery wall

We’re back after a fun Fourth of July to share our finished living room gallery wall. Yesterday, we shared some tried-and-true (and hopefully some new) tips for planning out a gallery wall and it’s time to see our finished product.

In our previous apartment (1313) we had a ‘wedding wall’ with a collection of photos/memories from our 2010 nuptials all in black frames. For our new apartment (816), I knew I wanted a collection of frames above the couch. It’s a huge expanse of wall and now that we have taller ceilings, the visual space was overwhelming.

For this particular gallery, I went with a mix of frames in a general color scheme that I have really been digging lately (navy, gold, white, and pale pink). The different frames mix well with the art to create a cohesive, but not monotonous, look.

You’ll probably notice a few reoccurring pieces like the large center piece with is an original by Josh’s sister Rachel in a freshly painted navy frame. On the top left there’s one of the botanical prints that was previously housed in our bedroom at 1313. We purchased the pink canvas art a few years ago at our local Arts and Jazz Festival and it also was in our last bedroom. A mirror, a sprinkling of wedding photos, and a cute card from my sister round out the mix.

I also like the fact that we could easily change out some of the art to reflect the holidays and the photos if we ever get around to taking some decent ones together again. (Seriously, the last good photos we took are these. From our wedding. Almost two years ago! Sheesh.)

Across from our awesome new bookcase, this gallery is making our new living room look a lot more collected. I’m planning to whip some bold curtains in to tie the room together and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on that and all the other progress happening at 816.


6 thoughts on “livinin’ up our living room: our finished gallery wall

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  2. I love how the galley wall turned out. The mix and match is perfect and those whimsical cherry flowers are the cherry on the top. Thank you for visiting my beachy living room 🙂

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