we’re not cool enough for this bookcase

A few posts back, I told the tale of our first ever trip to IKEA. It was pretty awesome and we got some really exciting stuff for our new apartment (1313).

Well, today I’m sharing our new completed bookcase, an IVAR combination from IKEA. This particular piece comes in unfinished, plain pine. Not exactly our style, but the shape is unique, functional, and stylish so we went for it with plans to hack.

I wanted to go with a bold color like navy blue to really make it pop against our apartment-dictated beige walls. It was Josh’s idea to leave the shelves the natural pine color (finished with polyurethane) and have the side support pieces painted. So, we combined the two and now we have a really hip feature in our living room.

The reason we fell for this bookcase is because it meets our joint general criteria for home purchases. It’s functional: the three-level shape gives us a dropping zone by the door but also lots and lots of shelving for our books and media. And it’s stylish: it’s a unique shape, it’s open, and the extra space would actually allow me to style it, not just pile our books in.

Once we got it standing upright, I set up my own little accessories bar to make styling a little easier. Since we’re still in the process of unpacking, it was really easy just to set all of my décor items in one spot.

And here is our IVAR bookcase all styled up and lovely:

I got these bright green magazine files from a Crate and Barrel Outlet to round up a few magazine and smaller books (like the vintage cookbooks my aunt got me a few Christmases ago). Chalkboard labels from bugaboo on etsy add a little flair and make things easy to spot.

We also have a game shelf now! All of our board games are out and easy to access.

All of our DVD’s and most of our CD’s are stored in these clear acrylic units from the Container Store. They efficiently organize our media without being visually obtrusive. Yes, visually obtrusive. I went there.

I’m so in love with this bookcase. And when you compare the IKEA stock photo:

With our styled-up hacked version:

I think you’ll understand! It gives bright pops of color with plentiful storage and even a new special spot for our rat, Scribble. It makes us look cooler then we really are.


2 thoughts on “we’re not cool enough for this bookcase

  1. Well done – you are so organised. I found this through the Create and Inspire linky party. I linked in a pork and apple curry.
    Have a lovely week.

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