tutorial: create an easy, diy daily journal

Journaling is something I’ve attempted several times throughout my life. Most of those happened during my teenage years (like everyone, right?), but I never really stuck with it. But, as always, Pinterest has inspired me to start back up. I saw this adorable daily journal idea and decided to create my own. I think one line per day is more manageable than trying to enter a whole passage every day and after a few years it will be amazing to look back.

This project was amazingly simple, too. All you’ll need is two packs on large index cards, colorful cardstock, and a small container.

I cut the index cards in half to get 365 note cards. The original tutorial used a date stamp to add each day to the note cards but I didn’t have one on hand so I just wrote the date out. It took a little bit longer, but I didn’t mind. I used different colors and patterns of cardstock to make month separators. To measure, I just used the halved index card and added about half an inch to the top so you would be able to see them.

Just put everything in your container in date order, and you are set! I snagged this berry container from work, but you could splurge a little and maybe get one of these cute ceramic ones and use any other small container you have on hand. Not only is this a meaningful way to document daily highlights but it also makes a cute display.

I started it on May 11th and so far I’ve stayed true to writing a line every day. I also really like this system because it makes me really think about my day. And on days where I don’t have anything too exciting this daily journal it pushes me to either do something fun and out of the ordinary or look for the little things that I might take for granted.

Do you journal? What systems work for you? Share below!


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