our new digs (our delux apartment on the hill)

Yesterday, we signed for our new apartment in Dallas! Like I mentioned in this recent post, we kind of found it by accident and fell in love.

As for how it compares to our current apartment, we’re gaining about 160 extra square feet (for a grand total of 995). We’re staying with two bedrooms and two bathrooms but we’re gaining an actual dining space, much more closet space, and a way better view from our patio. Take a peek at our new digs!

Our living room and the door to our patio. Without the fireplace we have now, we’re actually gaining a lot more space for this room. We’ve already got some plans for the layout and some sort of library.

Our dining space and bar area. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have an actual dining space. Our dining table has been in the middle of our living room for the past two apartments/three years. This apartment has track lighting installed in both the kitchen and dining areas which is much less harsh than the fluorescent lights in our current kitchen.

In our kitchen, we’re getting more counter space, more cabinet storage, and new appliances. We’ll be getting rid of our nowhere-near-the-kitchen microwave set up, in favor of our new over-the-stove microwave. I cannot wait to get this space set up and break it in.

We have a long hallway that leads to both bedrooms. The room straight ahead will become our office and the room on the left will become our master bedroom. It’s also worth mentioning that we had brand new carpet installed before getting the keys. It’s soft and amazing, plus there’s something about knowing that we’re the only people who have walked barefoot on this floor.

Our master bedroom. In terms of square feet, this room is actually larger than our current one but we’re having trouble figuring out how to fit our huge bedroom set in here. Most likely, we’ll be selling our furniture and purchasing a new bed and smaller dresser. With a few smaller pieces, I think the bedroom will keep the open feeling we love.

Our master bathroom also has some vast improvements compared to our current apartment. More counter space, built in storage, and a much larger tub, just to name a few. Also, to the right of this photograph’s boundaries is a huge walk-in closet!

So, there you have it: the super-before photos of our new apartment. We’ve already got so many ideas about fun things to do and how we’ll be making this apartment awesome and we can’t wait to share it with you!


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