our colorful life: we did it!

It’s official: Josh and I are both graduates from the University of North Texas! We just spent a wonderful weekend with lots of family to celebrate and now we are getting ready for some big changes. Over the next few months we’ll be preparing to and actually moving to Dallas where Josh has been hired to be a high school math teacher. I’m still searching for fulfilling employment but I’m very optimistic!

Seeing as neither of us are really the type to spend hundreds of dollars on the ‘official’ graduation announcements from the school, I whipped up these fun and festive announcements in Photoshop and had them printed at a local print shop to send to our family. They’re fun and colorful which is the perfect way to share the good news!

In addition to graduating this weekend, we also became a two-car household!!! Josh and I have shared a vehicle for almost the past four years, and while it’s worked for us, having another car has become more and more necessary in the recent months. And now with our big move to Dallas approaching, sharing a car wouldn’t have been a viable option. Say hello to Josh’s 2010 Ford Focus. So pretty!

We spent Saturday evening with about 16 family members hanging out by our apartment complex’s pool, eating pizza and shootin’ the breeze. It was a really great night.

I wanted to make sure the night ended on a sweet note, so I ordered a cake from the bakery I work at and pulled some inspiration from Pinterest to decorate it. Take a peek:

It took about an hour and about 750 sixlets to cover the cake but it turned out fantastic! Inside was three layers of cake: chocolate, white, and strawberry. So there was something for everyone and it. was. delicious! I just whipped up the “2012” topper with some green and black card stock and some skewers I had on hand.

Josh and I just have to thank all of our family and friends for supporting us as we spent the past four years working towards our degrees. And now with more big events coming up fast, we’re both really excited about the future.

And, of course, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all of the moving, purging, re-organizing fun that’s approaching!

P.S. All photos were taken by Josh’s sister, Rachel, who is becoming quite an amazing photographer! Thank you Rachel!


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