our home: fun, easy, & colorful kitchen updates

Today, I’m sharing some fun and super simple updates to our kitchen. When we debuted our fun kitchen makeover we shared some temporary solutions to our ugly, apartment kitchen and over the past few months, we’ve added some new functional and decorative accents to make our kitchen space more ‘us.’

First up, I had some fun and painted the ends of our wooden utensils in different shades of blue. I saw these two versions of this project on Pinterest and knew it was something I would be doing. It was fun, easy, and pretty inexpensive.

I picked up some Martha Stewart high-gloss acrylic paint in three shades of blue. The label says it’s a multi-surface paint that works for indoor and outdoor projects. I figured if it had the durability to withstand the weather, it could surely handle our kitchen. I simply taped off the edges of our wooden utensils and gave each one about three coats of paint (with about 20 minutes of wait time between each coat). I let them cure for about two full days before putting them to use. Also, I made sure to put the painted edge far away from the part that actually touches food, just to be safe.

We keep all of our kitchen utensils in a ceramic vessel that sits on our counter. So, while our wooden spoons may look like your traditional conservative cooking accessories, upon pulling one out, you’ll find an unexpected pop of color! I love it!

Next we have something that I’ve been so in love with ever since they arrived. I ordered some vinyl chalkboard labels (plus the chalk marker) from Bugaboo on Etsy to dress up our cereal containers that sit on top of the refrigerator.

Don’t they look fantastic? Of course, I would be able to distinguish the types of cereal by their looks, but I think you can agree that the labels make breakfast a little more fun! They were inexpensive, easy to apply, and whenever the contents of the container changes, so does the label!

And lastly, we have our family calendar which is one of the most functional and useful items in our home. Josh and I are both finishing up school, working, and usually have lots of obligations to keep track of. I ordered this customized vinyl calendar from Say It With Style on Etsy and it is awesome! She provides the actual vinyl; you provide your own frame. I used a cute wrapping paper as the background, but it could be easily swapped for something new should the feeling strike! The vinyl is applied to the back of the frame so you don’t need to worry about cleaning it or it peeling off. We use vis-à-vis markers that wipe off clean with some Windex. With just a glance, we can see what the other has scheduled for the day and plan accordingly.

The best part is that I customized our calendar to have a “dinner list” section as opposed to a “shopping list” which we keep attached to the refrigerator. I write down our planned meals for the week here and it’s a super simple way for us to see our dinner options.

And that wraps up our kitchen updates. Have you done any small projects lately that have you excited? Any pinterest accomplishments? Share below!

P.S. This weekend is our college graduation so we’re getting the place ready for lots of family! We’ll be sure to share pictures and a fun recap of the big day next week!


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