our colorful life: a really great monday

It’s definitely true that Monday’s get a bad rap. But very recently, I’ve started ready Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project (BOTM post on this coming very soon!) and, yesterday, decided that I was going to enjoy that Monday. Of course, it didn’t hurt that we had a few really amazing things planned.

As I’ve shared this previous post, Josh and I are inching closer and closer to our graduation from the University of North Texas with our bachelor’s degrees. Two week left, to be exact. But with any semester coming to a close, we’re both finishing up big projects. Well, it just so happened that today Josh was scheduled to have one of his jazz arrangements recorded by a group of awesome musicians. Originally, I wasn’t even sure I was going to make it, but I did and I am so glad.

Josh has been working tirelessly on this piece and when all was said and done it. was. awesome!! I got a few pictures of him working with the group.

I’m sorry, but doesn’t my husband just look like a bamf in those photos? I am so proud of him!

After his recording, we went for a quick-ish lunch at a local hamburger joint called Kat’s. The burgers are amazing and the restaurant is always spotless. I couldn’t help but snap a few quick photos of our food and let my inner creeper show with a few quick snaps of my handsome husband!

Then it was back to class for Josh and home for me to get some homework done. After some fast and furious paper writing, I looked down and realized that Scribble (our adorable and not-at-all scary pet rat) had curled up on my leg to keep me company.

A great Monday, indeed. Over the past few months, I have felt like this blog hasn’t really exhibited the ‘colorful life’ that we want to live, but truth be told, graduation and transitioning into “grown-up world” is taking the front seat at the moment. Once things start to settle, you can bet your sweet behind we’ll be delivering a plethora of posts to document the big changes!

Do you like Mondays? Change the bad ones with your attitude! Be happy about Mondays and I bet they will get a whole lot more to your likin’!


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