our home: a tour of our living + dining rooms

I thought it was about time for me to share the rest of our apartment, namely the living and dining area. We’ve been living in our current apartment for almost two years and are anticipating a move very soon. So before, we start packing up and returning our very brightly colored apartment to its original state, I wanted to make sure we got some photos to remember our second home by.

Since our first apartment was mostly beige (we couldn’t paint or even afford to paint!), I went bold with our second place. We both decided on a bright, bold yellow to accent our purple couch.

I whipped up some black and white damask curtains (using the no-sew method) to frame out the window and we hung up some fun art. (The chevron art is actually a super easy DIY project made from shoe boxes and toilet paper rolls!). Our coffee table is a Goodwill rescue that I bought for $10.00, sanded, and re-stained.

Here is a wider shot of our fireplace mantle and our bookcase.  Josh and I both love to read so we’re always expanding our book collection.

Here you can see our wedding wall and dining area. To me our dining set up has always left a lot to be desired, but hey, we’re still college kids so our small folding table, blue stacking chairs, and a hand-me-down rug get the job done.

Facing the bar, you’ll see that we actually have our microwave in the living room. (Our kitchen is that small!). We have it set up on a small microwave cart, minus the wheels, where we also keep our serving dishes. It’s definitely not the most convenient set-up, but it works for now.

And lastly, we come full circle, looking at the front door and the entrance to our bedroom. Our living space is definitely on the small side, but I feel like we’ve made the most out of it. And with a move in our very, very near future, I cannot wait to start over again. I can tell that just in the past two years, my decorating tastes have changed so much. If you compared my ‘dream house’ pinterest board to our current living spaces, it would be very apparent. So, when we do move, it will be a whole new adventure, but I am thankful to have lived in this apartment for so long and have the chance to really go bold with our style.

What about you? Has your decorating style changed much in the past few years? Or, if you’ve moved, how much did it change from place to place? Let us know!


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