botm: Dan Savage’s The Commitment + april’s read

And we’re back with the completion of Month #3 of my New Year’s Resolution to read 12 books in 2012. This past month I spent my free time reading Dan Savage’s The Commitment and, once again, I must say that I loved reading this book!

Like I mentioned in last month’s post, Dan Savage is the creator of the It Gets Better project. If you’re not familiar with Dan or the It Gets Better project, please, please go check it out. Dan is a gay man who started a worldly successful campaign by posting a YouTube video to reach out to LGBT youth and let them know that life gets better, that there is nothing wrong with being LGBT, and that ending a life is a tragedy when there is so much life has to offer.

In February, Josh and I were lucky enough to hear Dan Savage speak at our university’s Equality Conference and having heard his message in person made me all that more excited to read The Commitment. It’s one of his many books, but this particular book drew my attention with its cover and the emphasis on marriage. (I fully admit to sometimes picking books based on the cover. Don’t judge.)

Not only is this book hilarious, but it’s overflowing with the common sense that so many people fail to see; love is love.  And, because it’s a memoir, written with a story-like quality, I ended up falling in love with the ‘characters’ (Dan, his boyfriend Terry, their son DJ, and of course, Dan’s mom, the “mad clipper”). You just can’t help but want to know more about them. Plus, it’s really super exciting that it’s of the only books I own that autographed!

Read it and you will thank me!

For April’s read, I’m switching gears a little and going with some motivational/developmental material with Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work You Love. Josh and I are both about 1.5 months away from our college graduation and the countdown is terrifying! So many plans and changes are in the works that I need to read something that makes me feel like I’m improving my life and myself. I’ve started it already, and so far, I’m digging it. (Get used to hearing that people, because I’m pretty sure I’m not going to hate a single book I pick out this year.)

So, join along if you’d like or share what you’ve been reading lately! I’d love to hear!


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