our bright and colorful spring mantle

It’s time for another mantle reveal. In this recent post, I declared my love for the bright, colorful side of spring and I definitely took that to heart when deciding what to include in my spring mantle (which in all honestly might stay up until fall hits!). Keeping with the trend of using items found around the apartment, I spent, at most, $5.00 on this mantle.

You might remember this first image from the previous ‘Spring Inspiration’ post.

I kept referring to this picture when thinking about my colors so, using the handy ‘color picker’ (technical term?) tool in Photoshop, I chose my favorite hues from the image and build my mantle on top of that.

First, I have to mention the scalloped bunting. I absolutely fell in love with this glittery, gold bunting found on Pinterest, and decided to recreate the look with my fun color palette (even though, I’m definitely planning on breaking out the gold glitter version for the holidays!). I simply used a large round cookie cutter to form circles in the bright colored paper, then cut those circles in half and glued them, side-by-side, to a length of black ribbon. Super simple.

I brought back the vase from our V-Day mantle with the black and white striped bow but with a new flower arrangement (based on the above photo). The pink clock also makes a return (with the completely wrong time!)

On the right hand side, I brought in a simple yarn-wrapped monogram and the most adorable ceramic bunny.

He’s perhaps the only obvious Easter reference in our house, but he is so loved!

And lastly, I brought in another punch round-house kick of color with another customized “cone tree jacket” (See that super easy tutorial here!).  I used a 1” hole punch and the remaining paper to cut out colorful circles and I hot glued them to a kraft paper jacket that sits over our silver holiday cone tree.

And that sums up our bright, Spring mantle. How did you decorate for the new season?

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