Do You Have The Time? – Our New Clock

Recently, we’ve been on the hunt for a new clock. To be honest, we haven’t actually had a true clock in our apartment for the past few years. But the coffee maker just isn’t doing it for us anymore; it was time to buy a “real” time telling device with a face and hands.

So, I set out on a search to find a clock that both of us liked. Remember when I talked about getting guys involved in home design? Yeah, well, this is an instance where that got a little tricky.

My initial candidates were something like this:

1. Gears 2. Green & Grey 3. Penny

But, upon the husband’s inspection, they were promptly thrown out on their faces (sorry, that pun got away from me!) Enter Josh’s requirements for a clock: artsy, maybe with wood?, must have numbers, NO ticking noise!

So, on the search continued, but it seemed nothing online would suffice or was way too expensive.

Well, on a short trip to Hobby Lobby, I decided to peruse the clock section and see what was happening over there. Bingo! I found a clock that was a little quirky, had numbers, and would fit in with both of our styles. And, as luck would have it, clocks were 50% off!!! Kismet, I say!

I brought this baby home to the tune on about $13.00 and proudly showed my spoils to Josh. His response? Underwhelming to say the least, but deep down, I think he knows there is no clock in existence that is “Josh’s perfect clock” and the cute, little clock I brought home will suit us well.

So, we hung it up on our black bar wall and there it lives to tell us the time and when we’re late. I love it!

Now, of course, we’re faced with a new challenge: coming up with some awesome, inexpensive DIY art to spruce up the bar wall. Something fun and custom to us. So, where do I turn? Why, Pinterest of course! Here are a few options that I’m considering:

1, 2, 3

I love the idea of having 4-5 unique pieces lined up underneath but I also LOVE the DIY nail and string art. One big message to inspire you every morning. We shall see.

Any new home accessories in y’alls world? Any good deals found? Let’s hear it!


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