Valentine’s Day Sweets

I love to bake. Seriously, it’s a problem. Not only do all most baked goodies taste amazing, but they look adorable! I’ve done lots of cupcakes in the past but not a lot of cakes. So in preparation for Valentine’s Day, I decided to do just that.

With a new recipe from Bakerella in hand, I got to work. I decided on a yellow cake with vanilla buttercream (tinted pink in the name of love). Update: this cake is super yummy. Definitely give both layers a good spritzing with the sugar water to keep them moist. And get ready for the sugar rush!

When it came to icing the cake, I feel like I did surprisingly well. Of course, I do work in a bakery, so it makes sense that I would have picked up some tricks. {Quick tip: once you get the cake covered in icing, a few sprays of water from a spritz bottle will make it so much easier to get a smoother finish.}

For an easy and quick decoration, I just went with some cake bunting. I don’t know if you’ve seen this trend, but it is adorable! With some skewers, twine, and some leftover fabric from, you guessed it, my V-Day wreath, I made a simple pink cake look whimsical and cheery.


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