Love is a Many Spledored Thing – {Valentine’s Inspiration Board}

Well, as crazy as it seems, we are well into February and Valentine’s Day is inching closer and closer. If you’ve been hanging around here for the past two weeks, you know that we’ve been prepping hard for V-Day (here, here, & here) but I wanted to share some of the fun and beautiful things that I’ve found on Pinterest from other super talented people as well.

The candy store/bakery I work at is historically a crazy place to be on February 14th, so I’ll be working all day this year and won’t have a lot of time for parties and pretties. But if I did have the time, I’d be doing these things:

love letter dessert bar, felt fortune cookies, cupid cupcake, happily ever after printable, chair envelope, arrow cupcake, love letter cookie.

Lots of love letter and cupid’s arrow details!! The felt fortune cookies would make really great valentine’s for kiddos to pass out at school and who doesn’t love free printables??

February is a full of special days for Josh and me. With his birthday, our half anniversary, and Valentine’s day to celebrate, we usually just wait until the end of the month to do something special together. It’s also a great excuse to avoid the V-Day crowds. It gets so crazy!

We’ve got more Valentine’s inspired posts on the way this week so stay tuned! Also, here’s my Valentine’s Day pinterest board if you want to see more of what I’ve been loving!

Have you found some amazing V-Day inspiration? Planning a party or something special this year? Share below!

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