BOTM: Review A Practical Wedding + February’s Read

So, January has come to an end I am proud to report that I have kept my New Year’s Resolution to read one book every month so far.

For the past week, I’ve actually been feeling like I wouldn’t be able to cram the rest of Meg Keene’s A Practical Wedding in this month with school and work, but I had yesterday off, went to Starbuck’s and finished it up in about an hour and a half.

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Honestly, I cannot say enough wonderful things about this book and I’ve already been through the wedding process. But, even though Josh teased me about reading a planning book over one and a half years after our wedding, I would still recommend it to everyone; newly engaged or married for years.

I admit, 100% that I bought and hoarded wedding books and magazines in the months leading up to our nuptials. I was buried in lists and beautiful blog posts that made me obsess that our wedding had to look like that. But this book is nowhere near a traditional wedding book. It’s more like having an extremely sane friend to help you through one of the most stressful (but still joyous) events of your life.

Not only that, but this book gets real into the nitty-gritty of tying the knot. Sure, it’s full of really good tips and reminders (like “yes, you’ll need help” and “get more help damn it!”) but it also delves into the harder part of weddings like the stress, the fighting, the crying, and even calling off the wedding.

There were a couple of lines I really felt I needed to share from this book that give a great example of what you can expect from reading it:

One, in regards to “bridezillas”: “Brides-to-be (like mothers-to-be) are perceived as a special kind of public property, which can be stressful to realize as some stranger is rattling off nonsense advice.” This might make you angry, but you have the right to be angry.

And two, “our wedding day, the day we’d chosen to pledge our love and commitment to each other, that day was the day we would love each other the least for the rest of our marriage… We would love each other more tomorrow and more the day after that, too.” That, my friends, is a beautiful way to sum up marriage.

Need it be said that I cried a few times while reading this book? It was amazing and I am planning on gifting it to any engaged person I know!

This month, I’ll be reading Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS. As an aspiring small business owner, I’m really excited to read this one because I want whatever my business is to mean something to the customers we aim to attract. I’m really expecting good things from this one.

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Have you read A Practical Wedding? Or any other good books this month? Do you have any suggestions for future “Books of the Month”? Share below!


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