Our Kitchen Makeover – Temporary Solutions for Apartment Dwellers

Over the summer, (yes, over 7 months ago!), I revamped our kitchen.  The thing about living in an apartment is that you can’t really do any real renovations, so every project had to be reversible.

So, let’s start out with the before. It was pretty boring in my opinion. I really wanted to bring in some pops of color. Also, I was on a budget. There wasn’t any specific number to stay under, just as cheap as possible. In total, the whole makeover took me about 2 days to complete, and the best part is, everything is easily undone!

Here’s what our kitchen looks like now:

To sum up the changes, I painted the backsplash (with paint left over from our bedroom makeover), I added green patterned panels to spruce the cabinets, a curtain to conceal the upper storage shelf, and a rack for our wine and cocktail glasses.

I picked the green, blue, and gray color scheme from those stackable coffee mugs that you see on the counter. I got those at World Market (with a coupon!) and thought they were so neat.

And to update the cabinetry, I used a really really simple technique to make our stock cabinets look more lively. I found this fun wrapping paper at Target attached it to poster board cut out to the shape of the doors’ inside panel. I just put the insert up with double sided tape (for easy removal) and I was done! Quick, easy, and really inexpensive!

The curtain was a quick no-sew project made with a fabric from Hobby Lobby that matched our color scheme. By hanging it on a curtain rod, we can easily slide it back when we need to grab something from that storage shelf, but conceal that shelf when not in use! I also put our cereal in OXO storage containers. No more cereal boxes crowding up the top of the fridge and the cereal actually stays fresher, longer.

Some decorative accents like flowers and the stackable coffee cups add some fun pop of color to the counters and that’s pretty much it. For a weekend’s worth of work, you can make some really great changes that are 100% reversible when it comes time to move.

Any other apartment dwellers out there? Have you come up with any creative solutions to decorating and customizing your space without major changes? Share below!


5 thoughts on “Our Kitchen Makeover – Temporary Solutions for Apartment Dwellers

  1. I LOVVVE what you’ve done! I’m sending this to my friend who lives in an apartment in Chicago. I actually live in a house but it is apartment sized– 935 sq.ft! Saw your link over on the tt&j blog and thought I’d stop by! I didn’t link up over there but I do hope if you get time you’ll come and visit me sometime!

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