Love is in the air… and all over the mantle!

We’re keeping this week rolling with another Valentine’s Day preparation post!

I love dressing up our mantle for the holidays (see here, here, and here for proof), but in the past, I’ve never really made the effort to decorate for Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s because the candy store I work at goes nuts over V-Day, but I just can’t help myself. I mean, you saw my sexy wreath, right?

Well, needless to say, the mantle got a big ol’ splash of lovin’ this past weekend. And all for the price of a bag of pick M&M’s!

Here’s a peek:

Basically, I grabbed matching items I had around the house to pull together a love-y look. Candles, my little white elephant, and even a pink alarm clock give the mantle some cute detail. I snagged the flower arrangement from the vase by my night stand and wrapped some black and white stripped fabric (left over from my wreath) to make a dapper little bow. And the heart-shaped paper chain underneath adds some whimsy. (I found that little how-to on Pinterest!)

Over on the left, I’ve got a free printable from here which is just sitting on the mantle in a black matte board. A cute little candy dish holds those V-day M&M’s I mentioned, and I also dressed up our silver cone trees in some complimentary “jackets” (tutorial on these coming soon!). *Update: The tutorial for the cone tree “jackets” can be found here!

And, there you have it! Our loved-up mantle, ready for romantic moves, gamble chocolates, and snuggling on the couch… or something like that!

PS. I’m linking up at some fun, awesome parties!  Join the fun!

Valentine's Link Party

9 thoughts on “Love is in the air… and all over the mantle!

    • Thanks! I actually have several different “jackets” for some winter cone trees that I bought so I can dress them up for different holidays. Gotta love multi-purpose.

      Headed over to your blog as well! xo Megan

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