Sexy (-ish) Valentine’s Day Wreath – {tutorial}

February is a special month for Josh and me. Josh’s birthday is on the 25th our half wedding (and dating!) anniversaries are on the 14th & 18th, and, of course, there’s Valentine’s Day. In the past, I’ve never really decorated for Valentine’s Day. The two of us usually go on an “all-in-one” date to celebrate everything around the end of the month. But, since I made this wreath late last year, I have been in love with dressing up our door. So, today, we’ve got a tutorial on our new Valentine’s Day wreath, which spreads lovey-dovey feelings from our front door. Your welcome!

For this project I purchased three items. Everything else I had on hand, so, in total, this wreath cost me about $15.00 (plus, I have a lot of the stripped fabric left over for future use!). First you’ll need a wreath (1). I chose an inexpensive foam wreath. Originally, I wanted to recreate this wreath from Pinterest, but they didn’t have any large hearts available, so I went with the classic round. I also picked up some yarn (2). Obviously, I went with a pale pink for Valentine’s Day. And lastly, I chose a bold black and white striped fabric for the bow (3). Here, you could choose any fabric you love for whatever occasion you’re making this for.

You’ll also want to have some scissors, hot glue gun, iron, and fusible webbing, plus any ribbon or other accents to glam up your wreath.  Let’s get started!

First of all, you’ll want to wrap your styrofoam wreath. Just go around (and around and around) with the yarn and hot glue until it’s covered. (Set yourself up with a good playlist or some Netflix to pass the time!)

After you’ve got your base done, it’s time to start on the big bow. I cut a 16”x4” piece of fabric and kept it folded in half. Armed with an iron and some fusible webbing (which can be found at pretty much any store with a sewing section and is really inexpensive) I made a ½ inch crease all the way around the fabric. No raw edges to be seen. Then, I ironed the open edge to create an wide band.

Next, we move on to the middle piece that actually makes the perfect bow shape. Cut a piece of the same fabric that measured about 3”x6”. Hem the long edges with your webbing.

With the wrong side facing out, fuse the two shorter edges together to create a ring. Flip it inside out and iron the creases.

Slide this ring onto the first fabric piece and fluff into a perfect, shapely bow! I tied the length of hanging ribbon I needed around the wreath and then hot glued the bow to that.

Now, it’s time to get creative with accents! I chose some black crossing ribbons all the way around with rhinestone accents. The finished product looks almost lingerie-inspired to me, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day! (Hubba hubba!)

But, you could easily use whatever you have on hand for a different look. Maybe some flowers & rosettes from fabric scraps you have lying around or even a cute little swag across the middle that spells out “LOVE”. Really, the options are endless!

How are you decorating for Valentine’s Day? Or are you? In the past, I have never dolled up our house for Valentine’s in the past, but I must admit, I’m kind of digging it this year!

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14 thoughts on “Sexy (-ish) Valentine’s Day Wreath – {tutorial}

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  4. Cute. Love the big bow.
    I hope you will link this up this week at The CSI Project. The challenge is yarn projects, knitting and Crochet. I am a sucker for yarn wreaths and I am one of the judges. Wink!!!
    So, come on over. The link party begins at midnight on Wednesday and ends Friday at noon.

    Dee, the CSI Girl

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