You Say Goodbye… I Say Hello

It’s time for a new adventure. For the past two years Are We Wed Yet? has been a fun side project. But, my blogging tastes have changed. On Pinterest, you’ll find more home and DIY project pins than anything else. And, even though I love love love the name of AWWY, I didn’t feel like it would be a good title to represent a more “living life” oriented blog. And then, Two Live Colorfully was born. TLC encompasses all of the aspects of life that I love. From parties and style, to DIY projects and home makeovers. I can put it all here to share with you!

Obviously, in addition to the name change, we’ve updated a few aesthetics as well. New blog, new design, new host. Hello, WordPress! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love thee! I’ve spent the past week reformatting everything from AWWY onto the new site and there are lots of features I know you’ll love!

First of all, the menu bar. Now you can see how our home is looking these days (plus, related posts!) and also a recap of our wedding day (with lots of pictures to boot!). You’ll also find our Room Love category (which will soon be filled with more boards!), the link to the TLC Pinterest Board which has links to all our projects and popular posts, and, lastly, a way for you to get involved! The “Join In” tab is full of all sorts of information about how you can be featured on Two Live Colorfully. I can wait to start seeing some of your submissions!

Further down, you’ll also see our updated categories. They have been stream-lined and are now much, much easier to navigate. I also included an AWWY category which includes all of the posts from our Pre-TLC days. So, if you want to see what the blog was all about before the big switcheroo click on over there.

Further down still, we have all of our social media linked up. Facebook, twitter, and RSS feeds. Never miss an update!

I hope you’re as excited about these changes as I am! Truth be told, I’ve probably been spending a little too much time blogging this past week, but I just couldn’t wait to get Two Live Colorfully up and running. Next week starts more regular posting with some Valentine’s Day decorating (yes, already!) and finally getting around to sharing our kitchen makeover (what’s 6 months anyways?). So, here we go. Let’s have some fun!


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