Check In + Update = Check Up?

Hello October! Where has the time gone? My lack of updates has definitely not been from a lack of content but from an increase of craziness in our schedules! What with events, school, homework, and regular work, Josh and I are always on the move. Sadly, I just haven’t had the time or energy I need to get this blog moving.

So, here’s an update, and to make it less boring, I decided to unload some of my recent iPhone pictures for fun.

Graduation looms just 7 months in the distance, so it’s easy to understand that school is hard. Lots of projects and coursework keep me busy these day. Whenever possible, I like to sleep. Sometimes, Scribble (our pet rat who is actually quite adorable) joins me.

Date nights are few and far between, but recently Josh and I did squeeze in a lame-o date about a week ago where we trolled the mall, Barnes & Noble, and got some frozen yogurt. Of course, we made sure to swing by our local Spencer’s to laugh at stupid gifts and trashy Halloween costumes. Check out this cowboy hat made from beer can boxes. One word: classy.

And here is Josh to model it for us.

But, we have still squeezed in time to plan for another Halloween party this month (check out last year’s here.) We’re definitely experimenting with a different theme this year. In the past, I’ve never dressed up as anything creepy so I’m getting my zombie gear ready for this party. But not, creepy zombie, cute zombie. Is there such a thing? Stay tuned. But on another note, there are a lot of adorable Halloween decorations out this year! Check out these adorable stair mice I found at Michael’s. Perhaps, a future DIY project?

And lastly, being surrounded by people at all hours of the day has landed me a fun sickness. For the past few days, I’ve been stranded on the couch. And while, yes, that is usually considered rest, but being sick is really draining. So, while I haven’t been producing blog content, I have been reading a lot. I just love the blog-0-sphere! So many amazing people and wonderful ideas.

One of my favorite discoveries this month has been Design Seeds. There you’ll find all of the most amazing color palettes you can imagine! Based on beautiful, original photography, these color palettes would make it so much easier to plan a room on! Just pick your favorite, take it to the local paint star, and let the fun begin! Check out one of my favorites below:

sushi hues here

There! We’re all caught up! Now, let the real blogging continue. I’ve got some really cool posts coming up like a fun chair makeover, some super easy Halloween projects, and the long awaited kitchen makeover!


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