Husband of the Year: 2011

Yesterday started out as a good day… that turned horrible in about 2.3 seconds. I won’t get into details, but I got some rough news that came out of nowhere and yielded some pretty outlandish accusations about my company. Needless to say, I was pretty upset.

But luckily, I have the best husband ever. This phone call came while dinner was in the oven and I was mixing batter for some awesome red velvet and cream cheese whoopie pies*… so as I paced the living trying to breathe, he finished dinner, and kept an eye on me the whole time. Not only did he jump to my defense after I hung up (therefore, fulfilling his “big-strong-man” duties) but he continued to comfort me and talk out the situation throughout the night

And then, he did the best thing of all; he made me laugh. I have this weird habit of taking strands of my hair and putting them over my top lip to create, what some might call, a fairly handsome ‘stache. Every time I do this, I try to see if he’ll 1) let me put the mustache on him and/or 2) ask him to kiss me with this hairy lip. (I don’t know how he doesn’t find it attractive or at least hilarious!) After sitting on the couch for the better part of an hour and sorting out the details and the truth, I began fiddling with my hair as always. And then he said, “This is a one time offer, but if it’d make you feel better, I will kiss you with a mustache.” Why yes, that would make me feel better! AND THEN, he let me put that handle-bar monstrosity on him! And I just laughed!

I really can’t explain how lucky I feel to have such a great husband. Our first year of marriage has been pretty rough but nothing that has happened has even come close to putting a damper on our relationship and that makes me happy. (Note: we have also decided that when our one year anniversary does come around that we will be buying lottery tickets as a testament to how crazy the first year has been. Here’s hoping we’ll get lucky!!!)

*Just in case you were wondering, the whoopie pies turned out awesome!


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