My Creativity Checklist – 2011

Oh goodness! It’s the new year and that means new goals! This year I decided to do something fun and different. Introducing my Creativity Checklist v. 2011! Here is a list of 12 things that I want to learn or do this year to keep the creativity flowing. Ultimately, the goal is to complete one thing per month (some items will take longer than one month, but I’ll aim to complete it in a certain month). Each completed task will have it’s own post, pictures, and bragging rights! This list isn’t in any specific order except for the first one which is this month’s goal. Wish me luck!

Organize my craft closet!!! January
Design a garment (and actually wear it!)
Take a cake decorating class
Master making cute fabric rosettes
Learn to use Photoshop
Become a certified wedding planner
Decorate cookies freehand (
like this!)
Make my own flavored liquor
Create and complete a business plan (shhh… :D)
Finish wedding projects
Make a mean Cosmopolitan
Make this
rainbow cake February


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