Operation BBE: Best Break Ever

Being a student can definitely put strains on your relationship as an engaged/married couple and I’ll be the first to admit that Josh and I are no exception. It is just plain hard to maintain a strong, grounded relationship while juggling work, school, homework, and all that other junk. Ask Josh the definition of fun and you will get “what’s that” in reply. So, as this semester has come to an end, I have decided to work hard in making this the “best winter break ever”. The goal is to be productive, spend time with each other, and HAVE FUN!!!

To kick off Operation BBE how about a picture of the hubs and me at an awesome holiday party we were able to attend last weekend. As you might be able to tell, this picture was taken well into the night after lots and lots of crazy dancing! Sure, I have crazy hair, a double chin, and red eyes but I can’t deny the fun that’s on our faces so I had to post it.

I promise more posts are on the way. But in the mean time, everyone enjoy your holiday breaks with friends and families!!! Thank you for all your love and support this year!


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