Weird Fantasies?

Do you ever find yourself drifting off? Maybe in class or at work? Your eyelids get heavy, your mouth slackens, and you starting entering dream land, where anything is possible… like gorgeous, spacious, light and airy laundry rooms!

What did you think I meant?




I am loving the pink-striped room! It’s so fresh. Right now our laundry room is more of a closet, but one day we’ll have a house and it would just be the cherry on top if we could have an awesome laundry room. After all, don’t you think that having a room like any of these three would make doing laundry a lot better? I think, yes.

Which is your favorite?

5 thoughts on “Weird Fantasies?

  1. I frequently fantasize about having a laundry room. I like the pink one for obvious reasons, but I have always wanted a black and white floor. And the last? So spacious! Can I have all three please?

  2. i am more impressed with the front loading washer and dryer. ahhhh. nice. the silver one is purty, but the candy apple red ones i've seen at lowe's call to me. buy me.My opinion the bigger the laundry room the bigger the mess and more to clean.

  3. I like the random pillows on the shelves in the black and blue room. It adds a flavor of freshness to the flavor of the black and blue room. That said, I hate the black and blue room. It reminds me of my older days on the farm where life was simply splendid until little furry ele-plants came and ate my pet rabbid. Whom went DAAAAAAAH all the way down.

  4. Oh my goodness – a washer and dryer INSIDE the house?! Unbelievable.:0]In all seriousness, my fantasy is to just have a laundry closet in my home because my current apartment does not have a washer and dryer so I'm forced to go elsewhere to get clean clothes. Which bites. However, the pink-stripped one is adorable! Love your inspiration!

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