October Favorites

October is coming to a close and I thought I would try out another new thing. Favorites posts! Just a little compilation of the things I’m loving at the moment. Enjoy

Black leggings: So I’m a little late on the legging trend, but I picked some up at Target earlier this month and I am loving them! They are crazy comfy but dressier than sweatpants. My favorite method is wearing one of my cute mini dresses with them.


Target tank tops: Hallelujah! I’ve finally found a tank top that doesn’t stretch out immediately! Enough said.

Hocus Pocus: My favorite Halloween movie of all time! It is the cutest movie. It seems that there was this huge transition in TV and this happened before reality television dominated every channel. If you haven’t seen it, rent it! It’ll will make you happy.


University of Cookie: I have fallen in love with cute cookies and, therefore, making cute cookies. I just made some today for our Halloween party and while they are a little messy, they look pretty good for a first timer. The best thing about U of C is that Ms. Bridget provides video tutorials. You can see how they are making the icing and cookie dough and how they do all the awesome things you can do to a cookie. Even if you’re not a baker, check out the site just to get your daily dose of cute.

What were your “can’t live without items of the month?”


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