Halloween Decorating

Finally! Fall has… well.. fallen and despite the still-warm temperatures down in Texas I have embraced the season. Halloween is around the corner and Josh and I are preparing for a fun holiday. Take a peek at our “spooked-out” mantel.

These books don’t necessarily have spooky titles but they are pretty beat up, which makes them perfect for the display. My poor Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book has so much damage (from being read hundreds of times and being taken everywhere with “middle-school” me) that it almost looks cursed.

The center art piece is actual Josh’s wedding gift to me. He commissioned his sister, Rachel, to create this rendition of us getting married. It is one of a kind and I couldn’t love it more. Isn’t it awesome?

The underlying theme for this Halloween is “birds”. Silhouettes of crows and owls, along with vintage birdhouses provide a creepy vibe without being overly “halloweeny”. The bird house, “boo” candle holder, and owl silhouette were from Hobby Lobby (50% off). The “October” picture is actually from a “Real Simple” magazine. And then of course, we have drippy candles and mini pumpkins. I think it turned out pretty darn well. Almost ready for our Halloween party!


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